Anti-wrinkle trick by Meghan Markle. It’s free and you can make it at home

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The departure from the royal family had its consequences

It cannot be denied that almost every step of Meghan Markle is followed by her fans and the media around the world. Each time Prince Harry’s wife appears in public, the fans carefully look at her styling, as well as other details of her appearance. Meghan Markle, due to her profession, was recognizable even before she married Prince Harry – no wonder that the world has such a large group of female fans and fans. Meghan Markle is considered by many to be one of the best-dressed women in the world, and the clothes in which she is seen or the products she uses are rapidly disappearing from store shelves. Although Meghan Markle is 40 years old, she can boast a complexion in a really fantastic condition. What is the secret of her perfect appearance?

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The cosmetologist revealed the anti-wrinkle trick by Meghan Markle

Some time ago, in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, Sarah Chapman, Meghan Markle’s cosmetologist, revealed a trick that Prince Harry’s wife regularly uses to prevent wrinkles. It turns out that in addition to a healthy diet and individually tailored care, Meghan focuses on face massage.

– I like to cleanse my skin with lotions because they have enough glide and I can comfortably do an intensive massage. Here’s a homemade version: fold your hands into loose fists and literally knead the crust with your knuckles. Then lightly tap your knuckles against your face until you are flushed. Thus, you will accelerate the blood flow which helps to oxygenate and deliver nutrients to the cells. It also removes a tired look. I know Meghan really likes my skin cleansing method – said the cosmetologist.

It is the best anti-wrinkle agent.  You can buy it at any drugstoreIt is the best anti-wrinkle agent. You can buy it at any drugstore

What is the benefit of performing such a face massage? It helps, among others smooth the skin of the face, prevents the formation of wrinkles, and also reduces the existing ones, and by improving the blood supply, it firms the skin and shapes the face oval.

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