App Drivers Detail Jennifer Lawrence’s Alleged Drinking Nights

Application officials said the actress has a habit of talking to herself while sleeping on the way to her house

Actress Jennifer Lawrence had her drinking nights exposed to the public by the American magazine Life & Style. The publication spoke to app drivers who transported the 30-year-old celebrity after-parties and revealed that she has a habit of sleeping in vehicles while being taken home. Check the cover of the publication:

The cover of the magazine with the reports of app drivers about the post-drinking habits of Jennifer Lawrence (Photo: Reproduction)

The same magazine also said that Prince Harry has a habit of tipping $ 50 to drivers who transport him, that actor Tom Sizemore refuses to give autographs to service providers for the app, and that actress and model Brooke Shields was angry at a driver who didn’t recognize her.

One of the drivers told the magazine that he transported Lawrence “after a night of drinking” from the actress and that “she fell asleep as soon as she got in the car”. The driver said the actress went on to joke before bed that app-based transport services exist exactly so she can take her “post-drink nap”.

Jennifer Lawrence (Photo: Getty Images)

Others of the drivers consulted by the magazine said they had to wake the actress when she got home. More than one said he had witnessed the celebrity talking to himself while he slept on the way. One of them said: “The things she babbles while sleeping is crazy.”

Jennifer Lawrence (Photo: Getty Images)

Lawrence, winner of the 2013 Oscar for best actress for her work on the drama ‘The Good Side of Life’ (2012), Lawrence has been married since 2019 to art seller and gallery owner Cooke Maroney. Life & Style contacted representatives of the actress who did not publicly comment on the statements of app drivers.

Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney strolling through New York (Photo: Getty Images)

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