Apple is planning a long-awaited change in the design of iPhones

Information has appeared on the web that the next generation of Apple smartphones, i.e. the iPhone 14, will be equipped with a USB-C port. The company will finally give up the Lightning port for several reasons. What kind? See for yourself.

At the beginning of November, a video was published on YouTube showing a working iPhone X equipped with a USB-C port. Ken Pillonel is the creator of the project.

Launch the video

It is worth adding that the prototype was put up for auction on eBay. The device was eventually sold for $ 86,000.

iPhone 14 with USB-C

Information that the iPhones 14 Pro series are to be equipped with a USB-C port was published on the iDropNews website. The author of this article claims that they come from several independent sources that he cannot reveal.

What prompted Apple to decide against which the company has been defending itself for so many years? There are supposedly three reasons.

1. Transfer speed

The iPhone Pro series are positioned as smartphones for professionals, primarily for those who take photos and record videos. With the Pro model, you can record in ProRes format, but the recorded material takes up a lot of space. A video minute in 4K ProRes is approximately 6 GB of memory. The Lightning connector uses the speed of the USB 2.0 standard, so carrying longer material now takes a lot of time. The use of USB-C with USB 4 technology (as in the new iPad Pro) would significantly speed up this. Therefore, it seems necessary to change the link type. Lightning is currently a bottleneck.

Lightning port

2. Legal problems

Both the administration of President Biden and the European Union are trying to force manufacturers of electronic devices to use one standard of the connector and it is supposed to be USB-C. In the countries belonging to the EU, this is to be enforced by the amended Radio Directive.

USB-C to Lightning cable

3. Environmental protection and costs

Protecting the environment is very important to Apple. It is one of the core values ​​of this company. Using a port other than the standard one does not have a positive effect on this aspect, if only because more waste is generated.

What’s more, when switching to USB-C, the company could opt out of putting the cable in a box, on the pretext that everyone has such a cable, because it is a standard on the market. Protect the environment and cut costs – Apple could kill two birds with one stone.

Let me know in the comments what you think about it. Will it give up the Lightning connector in favor of USB-C? Or maybe the next iPhones will be completely portless and can only be charged using inductive chargers.


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