Apple leads the smartphone market in China, Huawei beyond the podium – October 2021

Apple China smartphone market October 2021

In October 2021, Apple re-emerged as the smartphone market leader in China, for the first time since December 2015. Huawei, which was in the first place a year ago, is still off the podium.

Smartphone market in Middle State has been changing a lot lately. First, the US sanctions imposed on the company Huawei made the producer lose its leading position and even dropped out of the podium. In October 2021, the company jumped to the top step of the podium Apple. She helped the Americans a lot in this the latest series of iPhonesthanks to which the sale of Apple smartphones increased by 46% month on month. For comparison, the entire Chinese smartphone market at the same time only grew by 2%.

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Since the fall of Huaweia, the top position in China has changed hands. Oppo became number 1 in January 2021, while Vivo peaked in March 2021. Market dynamics changed again in October, with Apple becoming the new OEM # 1 for the first time since December 2015. This was due to the success of the iPhone 13 series, which was also introduced cheaper than the iPhone 12 series in China. Huawei has been resilient in the premium segment in China, but that seems to change now. Apple, with its strong brand capital, benefits from the gap left by Huawei in the premium segment. Apple could have gained more if not for the shortages, especially in the case of the Pro version. Still, Apple manages its supply chain better than other OEMs.

Said Tarun Pathak, director of research at Counterpoint Research

Due to delivery issues, normal waiting times for an iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are between four and five weeks in China. Some Chinese customers decide to pay extra to get new phones immediately. Overall, the Chinese market has been slow throughout the year and Apple’s growth is a positive sign. This indicates that Chinese smartphone users are maturing quickly and are looking to buy more high-end devices, which could be a good deal for brands. The supply chain is also prioritizing high-end equipment in the face of shortages.

Said Varun Mishra, senior analyst at Counterpoint Research

Counterpoint China smartphone market chart
Source: Counterpoint Research Monthly Market Pulse, October 2021. From April 2020, Huawei is counted without the Honor brand

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Text Source: Counterpoint

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