Apple signed a secret agreement with China

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December 8, 2021, 14:31

Apple and China allegedly signed a multi-billion dollar deal in 2016. The agreement was aimed at supporting the Chinese economy in exchange for concessions.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, allegedly signed a few years ago secret an agreement with the Chinese government, amounting to $ 275 billion. In it, he promised help in the development of Chinese economy and technology.

According to interviews and internal company documents, Tim Cook signed a five-year agreement with the Chinese authorities. This took place during a series of his visits to this country in 2016. The decision on closer cooperation was to be taken by the management of the company, which was concerned about its bad reputation and poor relations with the Communist Party of China. State officials believed that Apple was using local factories and workforce too intensively, while not making an adequate contribution to China’s economic development.

In reports published by The Information there are alleged information about the influence exerted on officials, for which Tim Cook was said to have stood. This was to be related to threats hitting the company’s products (Apple Pay, iCloud and the App Store).

The signing of a multi-billion dollar agreement released Apple from legal actions against the company and gave it access to the Chinese market. In return, China was to receive investment support and training for employees.

In the agreement, Apple made a few important things, incl. assistance in the development of advanced production technologies, the use of components from Chinese suppliers, research cooperation with universities, investing in technology companies or general government support. The agreement was to be automatically extended until May 2022, if neither party raised objections.

Tim Cook is undoubtedly an important part of the company. It is speculated that his resignation from the post would negatively affect Apple’s negotiating power.

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