Apple stopped production of the iPhone for the first time in 10 years

Hell froze over – Apple had to stop iPhone production for the first time in 10 years. The reason is the crisis on the component market and there is no indication that it will end.

The crisis on the component market, problems with the continuity of supplies, limited availability – these phrases have probably already overtaken you, like the pandemic in 2020. And just like a virus, problems don’t seem to be leaving us. And so much so that, in principle, Apple, which had priority in every supplier, had to … stop production.

Relying on “many first-hand sources”, the service Nikkei reports that for the first time in 10 years, Apple has been forced to suspend production of its phones. This means that if you are still considering buying any of this year’s iPhone models as a Christmas gift, it may be too late.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro / photo:

The interest in the new iPhone is beyond the production possibilities

Interestingly, this happens at a time when Apple can usually count on above-average overtime on production, which is at full speed 24 hours a day. In Cupertino, they are not very happy, because the employees were simply given time off. According to rumors from production, there are simply no components for the production of iPhones and nothing to consist of. This is definitely an interesting year.

Apple did everything to avoid this from happening. In October, we heard voices that the manufacturer moved the production capacity from the iPad and at the same time reduced orders for iPhones. All this was not enough, because there are still a lot of people willing and the production is not going.

Such problems can stand in the way of Apple’s very ambitious plans to reach up to 300 million phones sold annually. We wrote more about this in yesterday’s reports from Cupertino.

The first million has to be stolen. For another 299 million, you just have to be Apple in 2022


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