Aracely Arámbula Opens Her Jacket and Reveals More of Her Lace

At 46 years of age, the successful Mexican actress continues to awaken the low passions of the gentlemen and with this daring photo she left thousands with their mouths open

At 46 years of age, the successful Mexican actress, Aracely Arámbula continues to awaken the low passions of the gentlemen and tried it again with one of her publications on social networks, where she posted a daring photo that left thousands of users with their mouths open, due to the incredible sight that made it easy for them to contemplate.

Since the beginning of her artistic career in 1994, the singer has also forged a film career in the world of entertainment in Mexico, since she has participated in multiple television projects that position her as one of the favorite actresses of the international public. 

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But it was her performance in the successful telenovela “La patrona” in 2013, which once again launched her popularity through the roof because thanks to this she was awarded many prizes and nominations at the Tu Mundo award ceremony, where she took the statuette for “The favorite protagonist” and “A couple of the year” with Cuban actor Jorge Luis Pilas.

Although, the great fame of “La Chule” is not limited to small screens, because in recent years its presence on digital platforms has grown exponentially, and that is made more than clear by its almost 6 million followers on Instagram, who fell in love at first sight with the beautiful actress.

It was through her personal account on the social network of the little camera, where the protagonist of “The ways of love” shared an attractive image that moved more than one, in which she shows her more adventurous side, as she appears in the middle of the forest with a weapon in his hand while wearing a risky outfit that left little to the imagination.

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As can be seen in the postcard, Luis Miguel’s ex-partner wore an open jacket that allowed him to easily contemplate what he was wearing underneath, which consisted of black jeans and a transparent blouse that showed his lace outfit and much more.

The publication, as expected, caught the attention of a large number of Internet users on the platform, who left more than 173 thousand reactions of likes in the shape of a red heart and almost 1,600 messages, where they filled it with all kinds of compliments and compliments.

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