Archie, all the benefits earned with the Megxit


With the Megxit the small Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsora year on the 6th of may, will lose the opportunity to be appointed the earl of Dumbarton (from the title of his father Harry). For the rest Baby Sussex, from the “divorce” his parents by the british crown, has everything to gain. Because in his new life in canada will be able to enjoy the many freedoms that now George, Charlotte and Louis you do not dream even. For example not have to sit through the lessons of etiquette still compulsory for all the royal baby, who must learn to behave appropriately during visits and formal events, to eat in a polite way and do reverence to the great-grandmother the queen starting from the age of 5 (last Christmas is touched for the first time also in Charlotte).

Not only: must not pose for the official photos of the royal family and not have to wait till 8 years of age to wear long trousers. The six-year-old George, to say, it is still obliged, like royal label commands, to bring the shorts to the knee.

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Archie, in short, be as polite as mom Meghan and dad Harry will want to. And will always be mom and dad to decide where to study. Difficult to Sussex to opt for a public school (even if you now have the freedom to do so), but sure Archie schiverà the Thomas’s Battersea London frequented by George and Charlotte. A prestigious private school where the princes, like all students, must follow a hard regulation. For example, are obliged to begin and end your lessons with a close up of the hand to the teacher they may not have a girlfriend or a friend of the heart. A little bit to avoid hurting the feelings of the children, a bit of stimulating to get to know each other and team up, the “best friends” they are, in fact, prohibited.

The little Archie will not have to suffer this imposition. And do not have to adjust his infant palate to the sophisticated catering in the Thomas’s, Battersea. The dishes selected for the students are worthy of the most refined palates, but perhaps they are not just what children dream about: lamb ragù with garlic and herbs, smoked mackerel on a bed of vegetables, pork tenderloin in Stroganoff with peppers and mackerel. The little Archie can breathe a sigh of relief.

Finally, unlike now, baby Sussex will never see it disappear from his hands the gifts too expensive. On the day of his first birthday prince George received 780 freebies, but few remained in his possession. Most were given to charity. Because the royal family imposes strict also on this theme: the gifts from strangers may not exceed the value of £ 150. Archie will be able to keep whatever is donated. And this probably, in the eyes of a child, is the most luscious effect of Mexit.


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