Are LPG drivers waiting for changes? It seems to be inevitable in the near future

All owners of LPG cars may soon be positively surprised. The gas installation is gaining more and more allies and in all this, only the last word from the European Union is missing. This, however, remains passive for the time being, although it admits that autogas is better than diesel or petrol.

LPG wins with low carbon dioxide emissions

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LPG is much more beneficial to the environment than even the most modern diesel engines. All because it emits less carbon dioxide into the environment than other fuels. It is therefore a great, but not very appreciated alternative. Although more and more people are finding that it is worth looking at this fuel with a more favorable eye.

This is how they started to do, among others in Spain, where autogas was simply opened up. The decarbonisation of transport is one of the main pillars of the Safe, Sustainable and Connected Mobility Strategy until 2030, developed by the Spanish authorities in line with the guidelines of the European Union. It is therefore worthwhile for other countries, including Poland, to focus more on LPG and start lobbying on its subject.

In Spain, more and more municipal vehicles use autogas, incl. garbage trucks. In addition to being greener, it’s also more economical for businesses. The local government has prepared many interesting solutions for companies that want to use LPG. All this so that they can more willingly decide to change.


It is an ideal solution for Poland

Polish companies looking for savings should follow the Spanish trail. Because even with the rising prices of LPG, this fuel is still more economical than diesel or gasoline. Converting larger cars today is not a major problem. Ba! Special engines are developed that are ideal for autogas and ensuring that combustion in such vehicles is at the appropriate level.

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