“Are you journalists or shopkeepers?”, De Giovanni’s outburst

It’s a Naples the one led by Luciano is more and more sparkling Spalletti, the blues are first in all competitions and have no intention of stopping.

After a summer of ups and downs, few were the people who believed in the potential of this team, perhaps, to tell the truth, only the club was convinced that it could have a great season following a renewal market aimed at young people and to their qualities, the Neapolitans have overturned all the initial predictions.

“Naples is not talked about enough”, the outburst of De Giovanni

However, despite being the best Italian team at the moment from all points of view, Naples is not talked about enough.

Naples (Photo by Andreas SOLARO / AFP) (Photo by ANDREAS SOLARO / AFP via Getty Images)

Maurizio spoke about this aspect De Giovanni to Radio Napoli Centraleduring A Football on the Radio conducted by Umberto Chiariello.

These are his words:

Extraordinary Naples, breaks a record every weekhe qualified two days early and in Liverpool he goes to play a game that could see him first in the standings, he has earned a lot of money yet there is total silence. We have seen television broadcasts in which we talk about Napoli after the first hour anticipating the great sick of Italian football“.

De Giovanni against journalists: “Let’s talk about professionals or shopkeepers”

Are we talking about journalists or shopkeepers? They must clearly explain to me what code of ethics is being signed. I have the right to complainlike the Napoli fans, without hearing ethics lessons from bad journalists, I’m not willing to accept them ”.

“It was written to me that I am rotting and I advertise on the matter, I don’t understand in what sense. I could even give a damn, but the extent of a project, of a team, also passes through the communication from which sponsors, marketing, advertising interests, the economic entity of a success come. If we continue to tolerate the demotion of the communication on Napoli it is serious, we will not become an authoritative team“.

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