Arena Borghesi: here is the program of the week

The purple rose of Cairo (1985) is Woody Allen’s best film. Woody Allen himself has argued this in several interviews and also for this reason the film will be screening at theBorghesi Arena Monday August 15.

It will be a mid-August evening in the company of the history of cinema that organized by the cineclub The Green Ray. The purple rose of Cairo in fact, it is part of the exhibition that is the beating heart of Long last!the 2022 season conceived to celebrate the return to Viale Stradone, dedicated to the great “classics” of international cinema and to metalanguage: films written and shot to analyze and study the language of the Seventh Art.

The purple rose of Cairo is a romantic comedy, which reflects on the film industry of the Eighties, portrayed as a careerist and cynical, exalts the cinema of the “golden age” of Hollywood, a matrix of dreams, and at the same time reflects on the gaze.

During the Great Depression, Cecilia (Mia Farrow), the frustrated wife of an unemployed and abusive husband, escapes her everyday life thanks to the cinema. She is fascinated by a movie, The purple rose of Cairowhich returns to review repeatedly until the protagonist of the story, the archaeologist Tom Baxter (Jeff Daniels), leaves the big screen for the woman, entering reality and plunging her own world into chaos.

As with all the films in the review linked to metalanguage, admission will be free. Screening starts at 9.15pm.

The film written and directed by Woody Allen will not be the only special event of the week. Wednesday 17th August in fact the Green Ray, always starting at 9.15 pmwill celebrate Lucio Dalla showing the documentary made by Pietro Marcello, For Lucio. A journey between the life and career of Lucio Dalla, who draws from an infinite pool of repertoire materials, public and private, to tell “an artist with a sensitivity who has always preferred to look at the latest, the non-standard, who had as a model not Ulysses but his sailors. An author who could say with seriousness and sincerity that, if he hadn’t become a singer, he would have wanted to be a house painter “. The testimonies of Umberto Righi, historic manager of the singer, and of his childhood friend Stefano Bonaga will begin the story.

There screening, freeis part of the project Doc on Tourthe review that every year presents the best of territorial documentary production with the aim of enhancing the cultural and social heritage of Emilia-Romagna, organized by the Emilia-Romagna Region, Fice Emilia-Romagna, DE-R and Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna.

It will be an intense week of cinema from 15 to 21 August at the Arena Borghesi. A different screening every night. In addition to the special events of 15 and 17 August, Tuesday 16 August is on schedule The two of usan Italian-Israeli production, a road movie focused on the intense relationship between a father and a son with autism, signed by Nir Bergmanco-creator of In Treatment (BeTipul the original title), a hugely successful television series, also replicated in Italy.

The evening will be an excuse to reflect, at the end of the film, on the theme of the After us. There are many associations operating in the Faenza area and who will be guests in the Arena at the end of the film: the GRD Association (Parents with Disabilities) of Faenza, the Educare Insieme cooperative, the Zerocento cooperative. To animate the debate with us will be Dr. Stefano Casanova, head of the Elderly, Adults and Disabled Service of the community services sector of the Union of Romagna Faentina.

Thursday 18th August it will be the turn of Everything went finethe new film directed by François Ozon (Swimming Pool, Eight women and a mystery, Angel), adaptation of the autobiographical novel written by the screenwriter Emmanuèle Bernheim, where the woman (in the film played by Sophie Marceau) recounts her last days with her father, after he asked her to help him die, a very current topic in recent months in Italy.

Friday 19 August will be the investigations of a young Bruce Wayne to be the protagonists on the big screen, after the success obtained in the last film season: The Batmanthe latest project on the man-bat signed Matt Reeveswhere the Dark Knight (Robert Pattinson), aided by Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), will grapple with the riddles of the Riddler (Paul Dano) and the Penguin’s (Colin Farrell) rise to power.

Saturday 20 Augustgiven the great response obtained in the evening of July, the Green Ray repeats Enniothe documentary dedicated to Ennio Morricone directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. Awarded at the Silver Ribbons, the film traces the career of the Maestro, from the arrangements created for the many Italian singers, to the soundtracks that led him to world success, without forgetting the conflict with the mentor Goffredo Petrassi and with the whole world. of cultured music.

Sunday 21 August the week will end with West Side Storythe remake of the famous musical produced on Broadway in 1957 and then brought to theaters in 1961. The new film directed by Steven Spielbergwhich essentially traces the original story inspired by Romeo and Juliet, it will be proposed in the original language.

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