Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato are working on a joint song •

Demi Lovato is getting ready for the premiere of new music. One of the upcoming songs by the American singer will feature Ariana Grande.

Ariana Grande announced yesterday via instagram stories that she is currently recording backing vocals for a song she is working on with her industry colleague. The artist also shared a few seconds long video from the studio. Shortly after his post, Ariana shared with Demi Lovato, thereby confirming that she is the mysterious second singer.

There has already been information on the web saying that the producer of the song is Tommy Brown, with whom Grande has already collaborated on creating, among others, singles such as “7 rings”, “Lat Me Love You”, “Boyfriend” and most of her latest album “Positions”.

The fans of both artists do not hide their excitement about their upcoming, first musical collaboration. The slogan “DARIANA” has even hit the global trends on Twitter. Demi herself admitted in 2015 that she would like to record a track together with Ariana. “We haven’t worked on a song together yet, but I’d love to do it. I love her, she has an amazing voice!“She said then. From 2019, both singers have a common manager – Scooter Braun.

At the moment, the details of the song Demi Lovato with Ariana Grande are unknown. It is only known that it is to be included on her seventh album, which is scheduled for release this year, after the premiere of the documentary “Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil”, the trailer of which is available HERE.

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