Ariana Grande in Fortnite is a failure. Check out this horrible parody of the concert

Technological advancement is something that is inevitable and makes our lives easier, faster and safer. I love news that you could only dream about in the past. However, what happened recently in the common area of ​​music and gaming made me feel bad. Ariana Grande in Fortnite is an event about which the media wrote about not only technology, but also games and music. This concert has really gained a lot of coverage. I hope it was just a single event.

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Take it hiciarska game, add a popular female singer and you have commercial success


Fortnite is an amazing hit. The game was released in 2017 and brings together as many as 350 million players. I don’t fully understand its phenomenon, but I’m not surprised that the developers want to attract new users. Epic is experimenting with new events and locations. The developer adds new locations and possibilities in the game every now and then. So it’s no wonder that someone finally came up with the idea of ​​a really popular pop star in the game.

Ariana Grande in Fortnite

I am also not surprised that singers or YouTube celebrities are looking for other sources to increase their popularity. No wonder Ariana Grande has played a gig at Fortnite. It is a symbiosis of two worlds that must have happened sooner or later. I’ll just mention that the singer has 258 million followers on Instagram. Add to that a base of 350 million players in Fortnite and we have a recipe for the gigantic commercial success that they dream about: more than one star or game developers.

Ariana Grande in Fortnite – impressions from the concert

The world of Fortnite is incredibly colorful. The event with Ariana Grande had many aspects of the game. At the moment the title is held alien invasion event. Players can choose from new science fiction weapons, flying saucers or an impressive ship that hovers over the island. Before the players realized that a concert was taking place, one of these saucers parked just above the center of the map and displayed a holographic clock.

The concert itself is a real failure. Here we see a virtual Ariana Grande who “sings” her hits. The party starts with the song “7 Rings” which ends in less than a minute. Then we can hear:

  • “Be Alright”,
  • “REM”,
  • “The Way”,
  • “Positions”.

Meanwhile, the singer gets wings and flies in the clouds, then swings in the clouds, and finally dances with a huge hammer. The visuals of the game look decent. The shocking fact, however, is that the character of the singer does not move her lips to the words that she allegedly “sings” at a given moment.

The whole event or concert makes an exceptionally embarrassing impression. The moving figure is accompanied by individual songs that we hear in the background of course in the studio version and that’s the whole concert. If anyone expected to hear at least live versions of the songs, he could be disappointed and hit the wall. If someone is a Fortnite fan, he probably appreciated the additional content, which is the music and image of Ariana Grande.

I hope that this type of event will not become more popular, and the event with Ariana Grande was an individual freak that could hardly be called a concert. This event, even in the smallest per mille, did not resemble a concert. Even the performances of the artists from the playback on the real stage are more interesting than what I saw in Fortnite.

Source: youtube, theverge

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