Ariana Grande is afraid for her life. It’s about a star stalker

The situation happened two weeks ago. As reported by TMZ, a fan appeared in front of Ariana Grande’s villa, demanding a meeting with the star. When the singer’s bodyguards told him to leave, the man became aggressive and pulled out a knife. Security called the police and arrested the attacker.

Ariana Grande is afraid for her life

According to police findings, the man is Aaron Brown, who came to Grande’s Hollywood residence in mid-February. The singer’s psychophan heard the charge of threatening the weapon and was given a court order forbidding him to approach the artist. Soon the court will decide whether the man can leave the custody. Ariana Grande is concerned that Brown may attack again once she is freed.

“The fact that Mr. Brown has been visiting my house regularly for over six months terrifies me. Due to his threats, I am concerned about my safety and that of my family. I am afraid that in the absence of a restraining order, Mr. Brown will still come to my house and try to physically harm or murder me or my loved ones – the singer testified in court. She also added that she was terrified by the fact that despite the fact that he did not disclose his address to the public, the man managed to find out where he lives. Apparently, Brown’s visits to the star’s house were at first sporadic, but with time he came more and more often, even several times a day.

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