Ariana Grande surprises with a new metamorphosis! Does this image suit her better?

Ariana Grande
Author: VALERIE MACON / AFP / East News

One of the most popular singers in the world, she surprised her fans once again! I am talking about Ariana Grande, who appeared online in a completely different way. Her new image aroused controversy, but there were also his supporters. Does this style suit the American star? Judge for yourself!

Ariana Grande – metamorphosisdid she surprise fans with it? The American star is known all over the world. It is her personality, voice and songs that many people love. No wonder, Ariana Grande is a firecracker girl who creates the best songs, music videos and more. Without a doubt, it can be called an inspiration for children, adolescents and adults. She shows you how to make your dreams come true, and have fun and look at the same time! Now the artist has become a new juror of The Voice format, which will undoubtedly attract many people. We are talking about the American version of the show, in which Ari will sit on the red chair behind Nick Jonas. According to the foreign media, the singer will earn a considerable sum for being a juror of The Voice. Her salary in this format is estimated at around $ 25 million, which is about 100 million dollars! Now, Ari is shocking not with the amount, but with the new style that has appeared on her social media. Does it fit her?

Ariana Grande then and today

Ariana Grande – metamorphosis

Ariana Grande appeared on Instagram in a different version. I am talking about expressive makeup, where Ari has emphasized eyes and lips. The lips are black, while the eyelids are lined with lines and more. In addition, you can get the impression that the star has powdered the nose with a light powder. Do Internet users like this version? Opinions are divided as always, but many people like Ari a lot about the new look and think she is incredibly sweet. Pretty nice in everything, right? Below you can see Ariana Grande’s temporary transformation.

This girl dresses up like Cleo, Margaret and more. Nothing could be sweeter …

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