Ariana Grande’s brother engaged! Frankie Grande accepted his boyfriend’s proposal

Frankie Grande and Hale Leon
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It’s time for Ariana Grande’s family to celebrate again! The singer has just got married and had fun with her loved ones at her wedding party, and another important event is already being prepared. Her older brother, Frankie Grande, had just accepted his proposal by his boyfriend. Are the gentlemen planning a wedding?

In life Ariany Grande there have been major changes recently. In May, the star unexpectedly announced that she had taken a quiet wedding with her beloved, Dalton Gomez. After the ceremony, the singer showed the fans on Instagram her wedding dress and a few snapshots of this extraordinary day. During the wedding and at the party, she was accompanied only by her relatives.

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Her brother is much more open about his feelings, Frankie Grande. The 38-year-old announced in People magazine that he had proposed to his boyfriend Hale Leon. The gentlemen posed for a romantic photo session. Look!

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Frankie Grande and Hale Leon got engaged

As we read on the People website, Frankie Grande surprised his boyfriend 10 years younger with a romantic engagement with his loved ones in Los Angeles. Frankie, who had just celebrated four years of sobriety, assured his lover that it was on this occasion that they met with their friends. It was different – my brother Ariany Grande he proposed to Hale Leon at the point where the couple went on one of their first dates. The engagement took place in … virtual reality.

It was such a perfect, beautiful moment. Hale was completely taken aback and we both started crying tears of joy. I’ve been working on making a statement to him in virtual reality for over a year and for both of us it was ABSOLUTELY breathtaking.

– He said Frankie Grande magazine and announced that fans would be able to see a recording of the event.

In the meantime, check out the photos of the engaged couple!

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