Ariana Grande’s brother marries actor in Star Wars themed wedding

Ariane Grande's brother Frankie Grande's 'Star Wars' themed wedding to actor Hale Leon.

Ariane Grande’s brother Frankie Grande’s ‘Star Wars’ themed wedding to actor Hale Leon. Photo: Instagram/@frankiejgrande

The singer’s brother Ariana Grande, Frankie Grandemarried the actor Hale Leon, in a private ceremony on the last of 4. The revelation was made by Instagram of the couple this last Tuesday, 10.

The couple, who are fans of Star Wars, did not choose the date by chance. The entire wedding decor was inspired by the legendary story.

“Hale and I got married in a small intimate galactic ceremony at my family’s Florida home on May 4th because we’re both really nerds,” Frankie Grande reported in the social media post.

On the 4th of May, the Star Wars day and the date came from the most famous quote in history, “May the force be with you”.

Another way of reading the phrase, in English, would be: “May the Fourth be with you” (“May the 4th of May be with you”), and it was from this pun that the idea of ​​instituting the date as the official Star Wars.

Grande even revealed that it was her mother, Joan Grandewho performed the wedding ceremony.

“It was the most beautiful ceremony, officiated by my amazing mother, which brought us even closer as we took our vows before our families and before God! […] We followed up our wedding with a stag weekend, together with games with some friends and family,” he said.

The dancer even made a declaration of love to her husband.

“I’m happier than I’ve ever been… the man of my dreams, our families have melded together so beautifully, and we’re on our way to happily ever after. I love you Hale Grande. I’m so honored to be your husband.”

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