Ariana Grande’s Family Says “Happy” That She Married Dalton Gomez

According to close sources, the singer had a revelation during the pandemic which made her conclude that she wanted to marry her boyfriend

The USA.- Fans finally get a taste of Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez’s dizzying relationship, which recently turned into an engagement.

A source close to the duo recently spoke to People magazine and shed light on how the soon-to-be-married duo formed. According to the source, the Coronavirus pandemic played a crucial role in bringing the two together and Ariana Grande realized that Dalton was very special during that time.

The insider stated that the couple, who have been dating since January, were initially quarantined in New York City when the pandemic became March 2020.

But things turned around when luxury real estate agent in Los Angeles Dalton had to return to work on the West Coast – this is when pop singer Ariana took a bold step in their relationship and followed Dalton to Los Angeles.

Dalton posted a fan art showing the two of them dressed for the wedding. Instagram

The source said of the move: “It was getting difficult for them to see each other, so he decided to take a chance. He bought a home in the Hollywood Hills in June and never looked back. They are incredibly happy

The insider stated that Dalton is a great guy, very down to earth, and likes to keep things private, which is in contrast to Ari’s previous relationships. The source also revealed that during the pandemic, the duo got to know each other well without worldly distractions.

“Ari’s family is very happy. Everybody loves Dalton. It’s great for Ari, ”concluded the source.

Ariana Grande seems to have found emotional stability in her partners with this new marriage. Instagram

This phase of her life has been very uneventful and uneventful in a good way. They are very happy that she is marrying Dalton.

 If you missed it, on December 21 Ariana announced her engagement to her boyfriend Dalton Gómez. Thank u, the 27-year-old upcoming superstar, posted a series of photos with her upscale real estate agent boyfriend on her Instagram on Sunday (December 20).

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