armored hospitals, no more visits from the outside to the wards

TREVISO – The armored departments are back due to Covid. The measure is not general, but is applied as needed. In the last few days it has been the fourth surgery department closed of the Treviso hospital. The decision to suspend the family visits was taken after the emergence of a outbreak. I’m 8 patients tested positive, then gradually dropped to 5 (none among the staff). After having isolated them within the same unit, it has partially reopened to visitors since last night. But with precise rules: no more than 15 minutes and with the obligation to wear the mask Ffp2 (not just the surgical one). Those who provide assistance, on the other hand, can continue. In the face of the unexpected closure, there was no shortage of protests from some family members. One, in particular, raised his voice with the operators, pronouncing that he had the right to see his relative. Now we try to find a new balance. Similar speech for the Psychiatry of the Montebelluna hospital. Indeed, this has been closed completely, always on a temporary basis. Two inmates tested positive for Covid. Since in this context the isolation within the unit is not easy, it was decided to suspend visits until they are all negative again. Family members who bring spare linens today have to limit themselves to handing them over to staff.

“Unfortunately we must take the necessary countermeasures to avoid reaching the complete closure of departments, as had happened at the beginning of the epidemic with the Geriatrics from Treviso – explains Francesco Benazzigeneral manager of the USL della Marca – in the case of the fourth surgery, after the necessary reorganization we have chosen to make mandatory Ffp2. We will proceed in this way only where positive aspects emerge. For the rest of the hospital, however, the decree says that the surgical masks. The case of psychiatry, on the other hand, is more complex. And so here we have decided to wait for everyone to become negativized ». These are the effects of the new growth in Covid infections. And unfortunately the hospitalizations are also growing: there were 20 more in the last week alone. At the moment I’m in all 64 patients hospitalized in the hospitals of the Marca for problems directly related to the virus (not counting those without symptoms who discover to be positive only with the control swab). Yesterday there were 4 new hospitalizations. And in the last weekend 12 people had entered.

There is no lack of apprehension even regarding the world of school. To date, infections have been recorded in 330 classes. That is 44 more within a week. Specifically, the virus got into 34 sections of kindergartensin 109 of elementary school and in 187 between middle and high schools. Under the age of six the use of the mask is not foreseen. Above, however, in case of positivity in the classroom, in addition to the home isolation of the positive person, everyone is called to wear it for 10 days. It means in this period over 4,500 children and boys are continuing to go to school by wearing the Ffp2 mask, albeit temporarily. Since the beginning of the new school year, on a general level the Marca has counted more than 10,700 new infections. In the same period of time before the resumption of classes, following the summer peak, it had reached 8,500. Consequently, the number of Treviso residents forced into home isolation is also growing. From mid-September to today, they have increased by 2,500: from 4,500 to over 7 thousand. “We are thinking about how to best organize ourselves also for the management of patients at home,” explains the general manager, for now there are no particular critical issues. But it is clear that there is a surge in infections. The hope is that it will stabilize soon ». In terms of incidence, it has risen to 500 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in the province. An average that is exceeded in particular by citizens between the ages of 50 and 59. Meanwhile, the arrival of the new bivalent vaccine is awaited. “It is expected for this week, concludes Benazzi as soon as we have the indications from the Region, we will further integrate the anti-Covid vaccination campaign”.

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