arrested the mother and the partner

Forced to live in serious situations discomfort and abuse run away from home. A pair of twins ran away from a horror house in Texas after managing to free yourself from the handcuffs and to ask a neighbor for help. The boys, a boy and a girl aged 16, were left for hours chained in their Houston home in a closet where they were forced to live. eating their feces and drinking their pee.

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The shocking tale

The twins told the police that Zaikiya Duncan40 years old, e Jova Terrell, 27, forced them to live in extreme conditions. Both were found in severe malnutrition and with broken wrist bones from handcuffs. Immediately after the twins’ escape, the couple lost track of him, taking their other 5 children aged between 7 and 14 with them.

However, the agents managed to track them down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana along with only one of their children, and arrested them. The other children were safely in a relative’s home and were taken into custody by social services. Duncan and Terrell were both charged with child injuries and ended up in jail.

It seems that the mother in the past had already been reported for child abuse. A few years ago one of her children, then 5 years old, was taken from her school to a hospital for burns to the genitals, feet and other parts of the body. The doctors also found several bruises on the body, but the mother justified herself by saying that there had been a fire in the house. When the police went to the house to check on she found another 20-month-old baby tied up. However, the mother admitted her faults, saying however that she had not kept them tied up for more than an hour.

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