Arsonist caught in the act by the drone while setting a fire in Calabria: the video

In Calabria, an arsonist was caught setting the flames by one of the drones deployed to fight forest fires

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He attempted to start a fire but he didn’t notice one of the drones deployed to protect the forest heritage, which identified it and resumed it while it was igniting the stake. Thus in Calabria a arsonist was caught in the act and reported to the competent authorities. The news was given by the president of the Region, Roberto Occhiuto, who published on social networks the video of the drone.

Arsonist caught by drone starting a fire

“In Calabria, fire-fighting measures are serious. And the results can be seen ”. So writes on Facebook the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiutogiving the news of an alleged arsonist caught in the act by a drone.

In Calabria indeed drones have been deployed to help firefighters, law enforcement and civil protection a prevent fires and protect the forest heritage. Thanks to the use of these devices, a pyromaniac was caught while trying to start a stake.

Pyromaniac caught in the act by the drone: the video

On his Facebook page Occhiuto posted a video of the alleged arsonist who was spotted by a drone in flight as part of the control activity against forest fires prepared by the regional administration.

“Thanks to the monitoring of the Region – writes the President of the Region in the post – we have saved the Calabrian nature from a fire for the umpteenth time. Already reported to the competent authorities. In Calabria on fire prevention measures it is serious! And the results can be seen ”.

In Calabria drones to prevent fires

In recent days, thanks to the use of drones deployed specifically to fight forest fires, the Calabria Region has reported several alleged arsonists to the judicial authorities caught in the act.

The Region has also launched an advertising campaign to ask citizens to report fires or suspicious activity at the toll-free number 800/496496.


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