arsonist caught in the act, risks up to 10 years-

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happened in Calabria, the regional president Occhiuto satisfied on social networks: We have saved nature for the umpteenth time, #tolleranzazero

T-shirt, slippers and shorts. The circumspect air and a (incomprehensible) mission to accomplish: set fire to a heap of scrub so as to start as large a fire as possible. In spite of him, he had not realized that to immortalize his deeds from above there was an attentive electronic eye: that of a drone used to protect the forest heritage. it was like that an arsonist caught red-handed who in the last few hours has tried to cause a fire in Calabria. To share the video of the man on social networks, the president of the Region Roberto Occhiuto.

Risks up to 10 years

The images leave no doubt about the dynamics of the facts: it is impossible for the person concerned to be able to deny the evidence. As reported by the same Occhiuto, on the other hand, was already reported to the competent authorities. He therefore now risks being indicted for forest arsonan offense that pursuant to article 423 bis of the criminal code provides for the imprisonment from 4 to 10 years. Thanks to the monitoring of the Region, we have Calabrian nature saved for the umpteenth time from a fire – wrote Occhiuto accompanying the video on Instagram and Facebook -. In Calabria on fire prevention measures it is serious! And the results are visible. To close, the significant hashtag #zero tolerance.

Italy is burning

In 2021, according to the latest reports by Legambiente, the fires sent 159,437 hectares of wooded and non-wooded areas up in smoke in Italy, or 154.8% more than those incinerated in 2020 (a figure that is certainly underestimated). In this 2022 it does not seem to be doing better, with an average of five major fires a day since early summer, as reported this week by a Coldiretti analysis on Effis data. It will take at least fifteen years – explained the association – to completely restore the green areas destroyed by the flames, underlining how these events are favored by the anomalous climate with 2022 ranking up to now in Italy as the hottest year ever. But to worry, just about what (not) happened in Calabria, also the inattention and the action of the arsonists with 60% of the fires estimated to be caused by human hands.

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