Artificial suns and local nuclear reactors, i.e. energy in 10 years

These ecological changes are already visible wherever we look, and the best is yet to come. Experts believe that more and more national governments and even urban communities will invest in renewable energy technologies. Humanity is developing many innovative technologies in which we are already making a lot of noteworthy progress.

Undoubtedly, the holy play of the energies of the future will be fusion reactors. They will allow us to produce cheap, safe and fully ecological energy for the needs of all mankind. It is not easy to tame the processes taking place in the stars, but they will happen in the next 10 years superconductor technologieswhich will result in the creation of the first commercial artificial suns.

Many different technologies are developing in the world fusion reactors. These are stellarators, tokamaks or special powered cylinders with powerful lasers. In fact, each of these artificial suns can achieve the long-awaited positive energy balance. Everything is just a matter of the right technology.

All fusion reactors are brought to an enormous temperature above 100 million degrees Celsius. Then the deuterium and tritium nuclei can overcome each other’s repulsion and merge into helium nuclei. In this way, nuclear fusion takes place and even more energy is generated. Just one a glass of water should give it as much as half a million barrels of crude oil.

Currently, work on fusion reactors is taking place in the United States, Great Britain, the European Union, South Korea and China. China is a pioneer in this matter, which in the next 3 years wants to get closer with its artificial sun called HL-2M to positive energy balance. The Americans with their reactors may come second SPARC or NIF.

On the occasion NIF It is worth mentioning that recently the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory achieved a record capacity of this reactor. It was 1.3 million joules, or 0.361 kWh. Most importantly, the shot consumed 1.9 million joules, which means that approx. 70 percent of the laser pulse energywhich triggered the reaction.

Many experts from the energy world believe that modular nuclear reactors they will be intermediate elements between fossil fuel power plants and fusion reactors. Very intensive work on them is currently underway. They are to replace them in the coming years coal power plants and beautifully complement the increasing investments in renewable energy technologies.

The first reactors SMR are to be put into commercial use in 2-3 years. Everything indicates that they will appear in the first place in the United States, China and Japan. Work on the construction of the first such facility has recently started in the Middle Kingdom. It is supposed to help desalinate sea water for the community on the island of Hainan.

Several of these are also being built in the US reactors. For now, they are in the research phase, but already there is so much interest in them that experts believe that once they enter the commercialization phase, they will be popular in most developing and developed countries that need large amounts of energy to function. .

On the occasion SMR reactors it is impossible not to mention their intended purpose. As they are modular devices, it will be possible to combine them with each other and build a much larger source of energy. Such facilities will be built on housing estates and delivered directly electricity to blocks or houses.

Modular reactors will also allow decentralize energyand this will mean not only easier access to cheap energy, but also independence from the entire network, thanks to which breakdowns and interruptions in electricity supply will be kept to a minimum.

Interestingly, SMR reactors will also appear in Poland. The richest Poles have such plans. Zygmunt Solorz and Michał Sołowow decided to start a joint project aimed at building the most modern and safest in the world in Pątnów compact nuclear reactors (SMR).

The construction of SMRs will take place on an asset basis ZE PAK. The company plans to invest in 4 to 6 SMR reactors with a capacity of 300 MW each. The construction site is not accidental, as it was chosen due to the existing electricity transmission infrastructure. The first systems in our country will be able to be connected to the power grid by the end of the 1920s.

A reactor will be involved BWRX-300. It is a 300 MW water-boiling reactor with a natural circulation and a passive cooling system, operating on the basis of the ESBWR reactor type. The device can be expanded to a power of over 1500 MW. Most importantly, the BWRX is licensed by the US Nuclear Energy Commission. Business GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy is in the process of building a prototype of such a reactor. Only one of its modules can provide electricity to a city with 120,000 inhabitants.

In addition to fusion rectors and SMR, there will also be innovative sourcing technologies renewable energy. There will be much more efficient solar panels, much larger turbines, including many farms in the seas, and they will be completed with more futuristic technologies.

They will definitely be it perovskite cells or glass with quantum dots. Their productivity is currently not high, but it is expected that in 10 years this situation will change dramatically. Most importantly, Polish companies will make a huge contribution to this.

Futurologists say that cells of various types, whether they are photovoltaic, perovskite or graphene They will appear on clothes, smartphones, cars or on building facades. It will be safe to say that ecology will become ubiquitous, and we will happily reap the benefits of our day star.

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