Artur Boruc has a child with another woman ?! Sara Boruc took the floor

Sara Boruc
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Artur and Sara Boruc have been a beautiful couple for years. Recently, however, they have become the subject of unpleasant reports. According to rumors, the footballer has cheated on his wife and has a child with another woman! Reading such things is certainly not pleasant. However, Sara Boruc does not take water on her lips. How did she comment on the rumors of her husband’s betrayal?

Sara Boruc has been known for some time mainly due to her clothing brand. The Mannei conquers the hearts of the stars overseas! The greatest celebrities, such as Hailey Bieber, Irina Shayk and recently Megan Fox, have appeared in Sara Boruc’s projects.

No wonder Sara Boruc is bursting with pride! She released her joy on Instagram. However, there was a nasty comment under the happy post. Has Artur Boruc cheated on his wife and has a child with another woman?


Sara Mannei Boruc has another success! Megan Fox showed up in the pants of her mar …

Sara Boruc about Artur Boruc’s romance

The star published her photo on Instagram, celebrating another success.

She is the happiest girl in the world… dreams do come true. My @the_mannei collection is available for pre-order via @modaoperandi 🤭🥺🤭

The star informed.

Sara Boruc was flooded with congratulations in the comments. However, there was also an unpleasant entry …

– Sarah, why on all pages where you are mentioned in the comments, someone says that Artur cheated on you and has a child in the UK ????

The observer asked.

Sara Boruc, however, does not seem to be concerned about such reports.

– some troll who can’t come to terms with the fact that I have it all 🤪 it’s a shame to worry about it 😉

She further added that she has learned to ignore the bad energy of people and advises others to do the same.

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