As a doctor, I am ashamed that the state is not doing more

Under the new regulations, churches, eateries, hotels and cultural venues such as cinemas, theaters, operas, houses and cultural centers, as well as concerts and circus performances will be subject to a 50 percent occupancy limit instead of the current 75 percent. The 50 percent limit will also apply to sports facilities such as swimming pools and water parks. In commercial facilities, there will be a limit of one person per 15 square meters, as well as in gyms, clubs and fitness centers, museums, art galleries, fairs, exhibitions, congresses and conferences. Vaccinated people will not be included in the limits.

On Monday, Andrzej Duda in Budapest met with the leaders of the V4 countries - Hungarian President Janosz Ader and Slovakia's President Zuzana CzaputovaPresident Duda: I cannot imagine introducing compulsory vaccinations

A maximum of one hundred people will be able to participate in gatherings and celebrations such as weddings, communions or other meetings, as well as in discos. The limit of people participating in sports events organized outside sports facilities will be reduced from 500 to 200 people.

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Does the government listen to the Medical Council? Neumann: The government doesn’t listen to her, only the PR guests

The minister of health also announced a ban on flights to seven African countries considered to be high-risk countries. These are South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Eswatini – formerly Swaziland. People returning from these countries will be subject to a 14-day quarantine period. It cannot be shortened. People traveling from countries outside the Schengen area will be subject to quarantine extended to 14 days, from which, however, they will be able to be released on the basis of a PCR test performed 8 days after crossing the border.

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Tomasz Karauda on the new restrictions: These are far from sufficient activities

Tomasz Karauda, ​​a doctor in the lung diseases department of the University Teaching Hospital in Łódź, is very critical of the new restrictions. The allegations are raised, among others, by the ability to effectively check covid passports.

This is a dead law[…]. If there is no legal basis, people will refer to it. There will be brawls. That is why certain issues need to be resolved in legislation so that we can move within the framework of the existing law, and not of good will

– he said on TVN24.

According to the doctor, “these are far from sufficient measures”.

In the context of how Europe is arming itself in the face of the ongoing wave, Poland looks very dim against this background. As a physician, I am simply ashamed that our country is not doing more to protect people’s lives

– added. The restriction package presented on Monday by Minister Niedzielski was also criticized by opposition politicians. More on this in the article below:

Minister of Health Adam NiedzielskiNiedzielski announced the restrictions. Zandberg: Painfully inadequate

Afelt: Restrictions should be introduced at the end of summer

Aneta Afelt from the Interdisciplinary Center for Mathematical and Computational Modeling of the University of Warsaw drew attention to the lack of legal validation of covid passports. – I use this passport when I travel within Europe. My French is recognized in the Polish system. That shouldn’t be a problem, Afelt said. And she added: – The problem is whether the legal conditions give the right to check whether the organizer of a collective event, or the restaurateur or hotelier, whether a given person is vaccinated, or only a declaration suffices.. It makes a big difference. Aneta Afelt also emphasized that the restrictions introduced by the government are very late.

In my opinion, but it is also a voice from many specialists in Poland, these restrictions should be introduced at the end of the summer. The return of children to school or kindergartens meant that, for example, without taking into account the evidence of vaccination in the social space (covid passports – ed.), We allowed the chain of infections to develop

– said the expert in an interview with the portal.

According to Afelt, the crucial moment was the November weekend, when it was already clear that there was a very intense infection center on the eastern wall.

This displacement of the population for All Saints’ Day caused the epidemic to spread throughout Poland. Non-compliance with epidemiological rules. Failure to introduce covid passports was the most cardinal error

– she emphasized in an interview with

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