Ascoli Cagliari 2-1: away defeat for the rossoblù who wake up too late

Ascoli and Cagliari face off at the Cino and Lillo del Duca stadium for the tenth day of Serie B: follow it with us!

Ascoli And Cagliari take the field at the Cino and Lillo del Duca stadium for the tenth day of the 2022/2023 Serie B championship. CagliariNews24 will follow the match LIVE LIVE telling you minute by minute.



94 ‘ASCOLI RED – Falasco expelled for irregular intervention on Nandez

92 ‘ROG – Nice action by Cagliari with Rog diving with his head on a cross from Nandez. Bravo Guarna who saves it after the touch of Collocolo

90 ‘RECOVERY – Given five minutes of injury time!

88 ‘ALTAR – The rossoblù team starts boarding and Altare, with the head, gets the shot saved by Guarna

86 ‘DOUBLE OPPORTUNITY – Cagliari has woken up: Capradossi is stopped by Guarna’s gloves, on the rebound Rog kicks it high

85 ‘GOAL CAGLIARI! – The rossoblùs reopen it with their captain, Leonardo Pavoletti!

80 ‘GOAL ASCOLI – Defensive mess of Cagliari: Radunovic serves it on the feet of Collocolo who serves it to Pedro Mendes: Altare intervenes too late and Radunovic can do nothing on the conclusion of the opponent’s attacker

75 ‘ASCOLI YELLOW – Luvumbo earns another yellow on the opposing heads: Falasco warned

75 ‘CHANGE CAGLIARI – Another substitution for the rossoblù: Marko Rog returns to the field for Alessandro Deiola. Carboni also out and Barreca in

73 ‘Juventus shot – Nice raid from the band of Bidaoui. The newcomer tries with a low shot at the near post, from outside the box, but Radunovic is good

70 ‘ASCOLI CHANGE – Outside we were and inside young

68 ‘PAVOLETTI – Nice cross from Luvumbo who barely finds Pavoletti

65 ‘DOUBLE CHANGE ASCOLI – Bellusci and Bidaoui, outside Simic and Lungoyi

65 ‘DOUBLE CHANGE CAGLIARI – Inside Lapadula for Di Pardo and Millico for Falco

61 ‘YELLOW ASCOLI – Third yellow card for the bianconeri: Simic lands Luvumbo, conspicuously keeping the Angolan’s shirt

60 ‘OPPORTUNITY CAGLIARI – Falco shoots from outside the area on Pavoletti’s intelligent bank: ball near the crossbar and thrills for Guarna

55 ‘ASCOLI CHANGE – Second substitution of the match: the author of the goal, Dionisi, comes out and Pedro Mendes enters

52 ‘Falco – The attacker number 25 is among the most inspired rossoblù players: he looks for his teammates and comes to get the ball in midfield

47 ‘ASCOLI YELLOW – Second yellow card of the match: yellow for Eramo

47 ‘Counterattack – Immediate response from Ascoli with the immediate counterattack of the bianconeri: Falzerano tries to turn around with the left and the para Radunovic

46 ‘Nice attempt – Good initiative by Falco who manages to find Nandez in the middle of the penalty area. Ascoli rejects the Uruguayan

45 ‘ASCOLI CHANGE – First change of the game: Bucchi sends Falzerano in place of Adjapong



45 ‘RECOVERY – The referee awards one minute of extra time

44 ‘ASCOLI OPPORTUNITY – Bianconeri close to 2-0: Dionisi receives and tries from outside. Ball that falls slightly on the crossbar

39 ′ Again Cagliari – Capradossi header that anticipates captain Pavoletti on a cross from Falco’s corner kick: ball that does not come out much

38 ′ Cagliari reaction – Nice cross by Carboni towards Nandez: the Uruguayan slips and does not take the ball for a blow, a few steps from Guarna’s goal

33 ‘GOAL ASCOLI – Hosts ahead! Dionisi displaces Radunovic and a penalty scored by the Juventus captain

32 ‘Penalty confirmed – The VAR confirms the penalty and Dionisi goes on the spot

31 ‘PENALTY KICK ASCOLI – Uncertainty of Radunovic with Altare and Capradossi: Lungoyi comes out in the middle of three and the Serbian goalkeeper lands him in the penalty area

25 ′ Ascoli reappears – Caligara puts a very dangerous cross in the middle, with Lungoyi and Adjapong on the far post ready to hit. Bravo Carboni to throw it in the corner

22 ‘Pavo with the head – Nice attempt by Pavoletti who rains on the Juventus defenders on a cross from Di Pardo. High ball on the crossbar of Guarna

19 ‘Cagliari tries – Beautiful central raid by Makoumbou serving Falco. The number 25 focuses and kicks: ball too soft, easy save for Guarna

15 ‘The match – First quarter of an hour balanced between the two formations. Many fought and contested balls in midfield. The two defenses are careful and cautious

8 ‘YELLOW ASCOLI – First admonition of the match for Adjapong who enters late on Luvumbo

7 ‘First shot Cagliari – Giorgio Altare tries with a header that does not find the mirror of the goal: first opportunity for the rossoblù

4 ′ ASCOLI OPPORTUNITY – The ex Caligara tries it from the outside. Capradossi deflects it in a corner kick, ball close to Radunovic’s post, displaced

The referee blows his whistle to start the match. Ascoli-Cagliari has begun!


NETWORKS: 33 ‘Dionisi (A), 80’ Pedro Mendes (A), 85 ‘Pavoletti (C)

WARNINGS: 8 ′ Adjapong (A), 47 ′ Eramo (A), 61 ′ Simic (A)

EXPELLED: 95 ‘Falasco (A)

ASCOLI (3-5-2): Guarna; Simic (65 ‘Bellusci), Botteghin, Quaranta; Adjapong (45 ‘Falzerano), Collocolo, Eramo (70’ Young), Caligara, Falasco; Dionisi (55 ′ Pedro Mendes), Lungoyi (65 ′ Bidaoui). Available: Baumann, Bellusci, Tavcar, Giordano, Salvi, Donati, Giovane, Fontana, Falzerano, Palazzino, Pedro Mendes, Bidaoui. Trainer: Cristian Bucchi

CAGLIARI (4-3-3): Radunovic; Di Pardo (65 ‘Lapadula), Altare, Capradossi, Carboni (75’ Barreca); Nandez, Makoumbou, Deiola (75 ‘Rog); Falco (65 ‘Millico), Pavoletti, Luvumbo. Available: Aresti, Zappa, Obert, Dossena, Barreca, Rog, Viola, Lella, Kourfalidis, Pereiro, Lapadula, Millico. Trainer: Fabio Liverani

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