Ascoli-Ternana 2-1, Botteghin and Collocolo inflict another defeat at the Fere – picenotime

Ascoli and Ternana return to challenge each other after just three months at the “Del Duca” stadium in the match valid for the first day of the Serie B championship. -2 on the Cremonese field.

Bucchi confirms the 4-3-3 form of the pre-season with Leali in goal and the rear guard made up of Donati, Botteghin, Bellusci and Giordano. Midline with Collocolo, captain Buchel and Caligara, in attack Lungoyi, Gondo (immediately holder in place of the suspended Dionisi) and Bidaoui. Line up 4-3-2-1 for Lucarelli with Iannarilli in goal and the defense formed by Diakitè, Bogdan, Capuano and Martella. In the control room Di Tacchio assisted by Agazzi and captain Palumbo with Pettinari and Partipilo in support of the center forward Donnarumma. Beautiful spectacle in the stands (8,456 spectators including 3,648 season ticket holders), the 900 red-green fans in the Away Sector also made themselves heard.

20 seconds pass and Caligara engages Iannarilli with a central left-footed rebound from outside the area. After two minutes Partipilo flies all alone towards Leali on a first pass in depth by Di Tacchio, the conclusion from a tight angle is totally out of proportion. At 7 ‘Gondo serves intelligently with the foreign Lungoyi who is preparing to kick from the edge, an excellent defensive retreat by Diakitè. Caligara misses a comfortable pass in the middle of the field, Donnarumma takes advantage of it and immediately shoots with his right, the ball over the crossbar after a touch with Bellusci’s thigh. At 13 ‘Ascoli close to scoring: Giordano’s cross, controls Collocolo and lets off a right foot from a slightly angled position that commits Iannarilli for a corner. From the following corner kicked by Caligara it is Botteghin with arrogance to overcome Iannarilli by blowing up the “Del Duca” (third official center in the black and white jersey for the Brazilian). Ternana struggles to react, Lucarelli’s boys rely heavily on throws from the rear. At 29 ‘percussion action of the Woodpecker with an insidious insertion of Bidaoui, then Caligara goes to the shot but does not find the mirror of the goal. At 32 ‘Bucchi’s team doubles with merit: corner on the far post again from Caligara, Collocolo off well and beats Iannarrilli (fourth overall goal with Ascoli for the former Cesena midfielder). The referee Cosso warns Leali for a waste of time on the postponement from the bottom. At 39 ‘Botteghin error on a free kick from the trocar, Bogdan hits a diving header but Leali is very good at saving himself with his fingertips.

At the beginning of the recovery, the former Favilli immediately enters in place of Donnarumma. At 50 ‘tense corner of Palumbo, gored by Capuano a little to the side with Leali immobile. Immediately after he breaks through Palumbo on the left, low assist for Partipilo who hits in a fall annoyed by Bellusci, parries the Juventus goalkeeper well with his feet. At 55 ‘another Palumbo initiative on the left-handed lane and an interesting ball in the middle, a monumental Bellusci takes refuge in a split corner. At 59 ‘serpentine of Bidaoui and a poisonous right kick rejected by Iannarilli, a leg under the measure of Botteghin who barely finds the mirror of the goal (great chance for the hosts). Bucchi takes away a tired Lungoyi (Falzerano in place of him), in the ranks of the Ternana space for Falletti (returning after a long stop due to injury) and Paghera for Pettinari and Agazzi. Inside also Saric for Caligara. In the 75th minute Bogdan’s dirty touch on Falletti’s corner kick, the ball was abundantly out. At 76 ‘the Ternana shortens the distances: Falletti’s pocket after a turn at 20 meters, Giordano’s erroneous slip that becomes an assist for Favilli, the right-footed shot of the former on duty who ends at the low corner. Lucarelli reinforces the attack with Rovaglia for Palumbo. Bucchi replies with Falasco, Eramo and Ciciretti for Giordano, Buchel and Bidaoui. The Ascoli, supported by a fabulous audience, held out in the five minutes of injury time and took home their first success of the season. Next Saturday another internal match against Spal (scheduled for tomorrow morning the resumption of training at Picchio Village). Bad news at the end of the match with the premature death of the referee’s father Cosso.



ASCOLI (4-3-3): Loyal 6.5; Donated 6Box office 7Bellusci 7Giordano 5.5 (86 ‘Falasco sv); Collocolo 7Buchel 6.5 (86 ‘Eramo sv), Caligara 6.5 (71 ‘Saric 6); Lungoyi 6.5 (68 ‘Falzerano 6), Gondo 6.5Bidaoui 6 (86 ‘Ciciretti sv). Available: Guarna, Bolletta, Simic, Quaranta, Giovane, Fontana, De Paoli. Coach: Bucchi 6.5

TERNANA (4-3-2-1): Iannarilli 5.5; Diakitè 6.5Bogdan 5Capuano 5.5Martella 5.5; Agazzi 5.5 (69 ‘Pay 6), Di Tacchio 5.5 (77 ‘Project 6), Palumbo 6.5 (82 ‘Rovaglia sv); Pettinari 5 (69 ‘Falletti 6.5), Partipilo 6; Donnarumma 5 (46 ‘Favilli 6.5). Available: Krapikas, Celli, Corrado, Defendi, Sorensen, Capanni, Spalluto. Coach: Lucarelli 5.5

Referee: Cosso of Reggio Calabria 5.5

Var: Feller of Molfetta

Goals: 14 ‘Box office, 32’ Collocolo, 76 ‘Favilli

Spectators: 8.456 (3,648 subscribers plus 4,808 tickets sold) for € 97,155 in collections

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