Ashley Greene (in hindsight) is thankful she didn’t play Bella in Twilight

In a multiverse Ashley Greene it probably is Beautiful Swan it’s at Kristen Stewart has touched a minor role in the saga of Twilight. In this universe, however, as we all know, things went differently and at the time, for Ashley, it was a disappointment not to get the role of the protagonist, a missed opportunity difficult to digest.

Ashley Greene was left to take on the role of Alice Cullenthe vampire psychic and the best friend who everyone * would like to have by their side, still receiving a lot of support, despite the much shorter screen time than the protagonists.

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In hindsight, today he is happy with how things turned out and reveals: “I’m glad I didn’t get that role. I would not have been ready for the responsibilities that came with it. I was very young and if I had had a negative answer, I think it would have crushed me. I firmly believe that everything happens at the right time and as it should. I think there was a certain connection with Alice and it made perfect sense. ‘

In summary: everything happens for a reason and great roles result in great responsibilities that you need to know how to manage.

The role of Bella was undoubtedly the springboard for Stewart, who went on to rack up successful roles and films, but her performance was also heavily criticized. Even today, on social media, her expressions are a meme and it takes a very hard skin and the right amount of irony to not be overwhelmed by haters.

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