Ashton Kutcher accused Mila Kunis of an affair! What is going on?

Mila Kunis was so absorbed by the plot that – as she admits – she even feels addicted to this series. Her husband did not like this addiction. “You’re cheating on me with this show,” he said Ashton Kutcher.

“Bridgertons” is a new Netflix hit. Based on a series of novels by Julia Quinn, it explores the love affairs of eight siblings from the influential Bridgerton family, revealing the bright and dark lives of high society members in 19th century London.

Soon after the premiere, the production broke all viewership records and became the most popular series in the history of the streaming giant. It turns out that she belongs to the group of her loyal fans Mila Kunis.

The star of “Black Swan” revealed that the story presented on the screen drew her in to such an extent that she became addicted to watching the series. This worries her husband Ashton Kutcher. His concerns are related not so much to the fact that his wife is addicted to watching the next episodes of this production, but that the series is full of spicy scenes. Recently, Netflix even had to fight pornographic websites that began to massively publish erotic scenes from the series without the consent of the creators.

Kutcher caught Kunis red-handed when she, tempted to learn the rest of the heroes’ stories from “Bridgertons”, absorbed more episodes of the series in the middle of the night. There was then a confrontation.

“I’ve watched the fifth episode, and all those who are also watching the show know very well what’s going on in the fifth episode … It was almost midnight and Ashton, who was sound asleep, suddenly woke up and in dismay asks, ‘Are you watching porn? “He was incredibly confused,” Kunis laughed as she was a guest on Today with Hoda & Jenna.

“She was watching something in the middle of the night and I didn’t know what was going on. I thought, ‘Is there anyone else in our bed?'” Added Kutcher. And he accused his wife of having an affair. “You’re cheating on me with this show,” he joked.

The production, which is only one season so far, will be continued. Work on the second season will start this spring. Netflix recently confirmed this information by publishing a short video with the lead actors. The release date of the sequel to “The Bridgertons” has yet to be revealed.

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