Assago murder, Carrefour withdraws knives from the shelves of all its supermarkets in Italy: “Risk of emulation”

from Luigi Ferrarella

After the events on Thursday evening, the leaders of the chain are giving an indication to change the arrangement so that the knives on sale are not freely accessible

On Thursday, 46-year-old Andrea Tombolini grabbed a knife from the exhibitor inside the Carrefour supermarket in the Milano Fiori shopping center in Assago, Milan, and hit five people, including Monza footballer Pablo Marì, killing one, the 47-year-old Luis Fernando Ruggieri. The attacker was blocked and taken to the barracks: now he is accused of murder and attempted murder

The murder of a Carrefour employee and the wounding of four other people shot for no reason by 46-year-old Andrea Tombolini, who used a knife taken from a shelf in the Assago shopping centeralready produces the first logistical effects in the perspective, supported during the night by the investigators at the top of the group, to avoid any emulative intentions in people who are equally disturbed from a psychological point of view.

In fact, since Friday morning, Carrefour’s top management have been giving indications to all its shopping centers in Italy to replace the current arrangement of the shelves so that the knives for sale are not freely available to consumers but, as is already the case in other supermarkets, they are equated with other types of goods that maintain a bond with the shelf (such as a cord, a spring, a chain) to be removed in order to have the physical availability of the object.

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October 28, 2022 (change October 28, 2022 | 15:25)


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