At the Benevento di Cannavaro the beloved ex Ghoulami, surprised Napoli fans

The Naples which travels to the top of the standings both in A league that in Champions League is made up of players until a few months ago unknown to the Azzurri fans, such as Kvicha Kvaratskhelia or Kim Min-Jaebut who have been able to conquer the square with a handful of matches.

The love of the Napoli fans for the ex

Alongside the love for the new faces of the team of Luciano Spallettithe Neapolitan supporters continue to show a great attachment to those players who have written the recent history of Napoli. Businesses of Lorenzo Insigne in MLS and of Kalidou Koulibaly in Premier Leaguefor example, they are constantly monitored by the Azzurri fans, especially on social networks.

And a new demonstration of the affection of the Neapolitans towards those who were the senators of the blue team came to the spread of a market news regarding the B series.

The former Napoli Ghoulam towards Benevento

After Fabio Cannavarohired as a new coach, the Benevento would be close to taking Faouzi Ghoulam31-year-old Algerian full-back to whom Napoli has not renewed the contract last season and who is currently still without a team.

After the last difficult years in the shadow of Vesuvius, marked by the injuries to the knees and a poor playing time on the pitch, Ghoulam will therefore have the opportunity to restart from Serie B. For the Napoli fans, who have always loved Ghoulam for his great attachment to colors bluesthis is good news.

Best wishes from Napoli fans to Ghoulam

“Ghoulam deserves to stay close to Naples and among professionals! I wish him a full redemption, he is serious professional, which is no small feat ”, Luigi’s Facebook comment. “I’m happy so he plays continuously and can help Benevento. He will recover, like in the old days of Napoli. Great strength Faouzi”, Adds Nunzio.

“I’m happy for him, I hope he still has the strength he had when he was with Napoli. Best wishes champion ”, writes Bruno. “I am very happy for this great man, great professional and very good boy. Come on Faouzi ”, Massimo’s comment.

Salvatore still regrets the Algerian: “I believe that Ghoulam deserved to be recovered given the still relatively young age. He technically he had not lost much, it was necessary to retouch the salary down and make him play more often “. Massimiliano, on the other hand, considers the affair closed: “Napoli did well to let him go, but we hope he will recover: here he was a winger as strong as he was unlucky. Maybe in Serie B he can still make a difference ”.

At Benevento di Cannavaro a beloved ex, surprised Napoli fans Source: ANSA

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