At the cinema in the heart of Rome

Sweet cinema nights at the Forums, from 1 to 10 July in Rome. It is perhaps surprising that we start again from the ancient, but after the pandemic shock, Rome Capital, with a new government and a good start, has decided that every sacred place in its history must be awakened by events, films, shows and many spectators at the harmonious research of freshness and culture.

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From the Roman aqueducts adopted by the Rome Film Festival at the Baths of Caracalltowhere the dinosaurs of Jurassic World – The domain in a world premiere, it is all a swarm of festivals among ruins and capitals, but what is surprising is the event Quo Vadis? – At Cinema in the heart of Rome. The charm of antiquity in ten great films, curated by the Experimental Center of Cinematography and the National Film Archive, which will open the Colosseum Archaeological Park to the public exclusively with screenings at the Imperial Forums and the Temple of Venus, under the stars. Chills, chills.

Perfect for the frame, the blockbuster Cleopatra by Mankiewicz (1963), a real must: apart from a few scholars, it is probable that the queen of Egypt in everyone’s imagination coincides with the sensuality of the protagonist Liz Taylor, the gold flake dress, the headdress and the pharaonic wigs, the admirably double-layered eye with kajal and sequins, more fashionable than ever, the perfumed calidarium, the silks and the dense colors of a film that adds veins of shy feminism to this woman, lost in the arms of Caesar and then by Marc’Antonio, played by that Richard Burton who, after love at first sight on the set, lived a legendary love story with the star. While waiting for the new Cleopatra played by Gal Gadot / Wonder Woman, it is worth reviewing, between reality and fiction, the epic of cinema and that of history that in the review Quo Vadis they cross brazenly.

On the program, a symbol of Italian pop such as Totò and Cleopatra of 1963 or Scipio also called the African by Gigi Magni and the ancient author as The first king by Matteo Rovere with Alessandro Borghi mighty in protolatin, the immense Spartacus by Stanley Kubrick and, of course, everything to be rediscovered, Fellini Satyricon. To laugh, we suggest the idiotic jokes of Sweet vices to the forum, British musical-divertissement of the great Richard Lester. All films of the fabulous Sixties, when there was a lot of parody and pepla still depopulated. And yet this tasty summer show-off that wants to attract spectators but above all tourists by setting their nights in the ancient wonders of the capital, could only debut with a masterpiece of today, Hail Caesar! by the Coen brothers, a tribute to the genres of the Hollywood fifties. In the film, a histrionic George Clooney, a movie star perpetually in leather armor and a kilt, shoots a colossal peplum between black listed Communist screenwriters and conversions (on set) in front of Christ on the Cross. Irresistible.

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