At the end we know who ended the engagement between Paris Hilton and Chris Zylka

A few weeks ago it was announced by surprise the rupture of the engagement between Paris Hilton and Chris Zylkathe actor along with the rich heiress seemed to have finally found the long-awaited stability sentimental. At that time none of the two involved wanted to speak about more than eliminating the images together that they had shared on their social networks, so that the reasons that would have led to follow separate paths remained a mystery… until now.

How Paris Hilton wants to become a mother?

The own-Paris has been in charge of offer something of information about your separation -without saying at no time is the name of his ex, yes- to give to understand that we are left seduced by the idea of getting married and organizing a wedding for everything high without stopping to think about what would really.

“I am quite well. I’m dedicating time to myself. I have the impression that when I fall in love, I do it very fast and thoroughly. Mine was a sweeping romance, and in addition I’ve always been obsessed with Disney and love stories, and I thought I was going to have my own fairy tale ending, but with the time I ended up realizing that it was not the right decision “he confessed businesswoman, and DJ in a conversation on the program ‘The Talk’, so that confirms that she was the one who took the decision to end the relationship.

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