At the sight of Honor 60, the shoes fall off and the socks dance. It’s a beautiful smartphone!

The Honor brand is so confident that it decided to unveil the exact design of the Honor 60 before the premiere. There is something to look at – he is one of the most beautiful middle-class men.

Nice smartphones are eye-catching, but let’s be vigilant – they are not always technically refined, and the aesthetic form is designed to hide imperfections. This was the case with the beautiful Honor 50, which, apart from its elegant form, did not have any dream components.

Honor 60 on accurate graphics

Will Honor 60 suffer from the same condition? Well, it will definitely not be completely different from its predecessor, because firstly it debuts at an accelerated pace, and secondly it is to receive the same 108MP main camera – megapixels may and will be many, but we are unlikely to get optical image stabilization.

honor 60

photo: Honor

OIS was no longer available in Honor 50 and probably will not be in the 60 model, although the huge island has a lot of space for appropriate stabilizers. There will be three cameras – apart from the main one, there will certainly be a wide-angle eyelet on the deck and an additional one, probably for measuring the depth.

honor 60

photo: Honor

However, this is still unconfirmed information, so I am under the delusion that a telephoto lens will be added to the phone – if it does not happen, fans of accurate photography will have to wait for the next generation. I am afraid, however, that the dimensions of the smallest lens indicate a weak 2MP mesh.

Honor 60 did not reveal more details of its technicalities, except for the Snapdragon 870, which is a solid engine that powers Android and the Magic UI overlay. At the front, however, an OLED screen with a higher refresh rate is to be hosted.

Honor 60 on the official artwork. The producer went to his senses and gave us a sensible camera


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