ATM, “we will no longer be able to withdraw”: here is the crazy news

The most famous and widespread concepts related to our habits are usually the “hardest” ones not only to “die” but also to be scratched by progress and news. This usually happens successfully when it is not “imposed” directly but gradually, and among these the very concept of money is particularly evident, which has undergone a real transformation for several years. If the ATM as a concept “has existed” for almost forty years, the relationship with this tool has gradually changed to become much more than an alternative to cash, to the point that for many the term ATM itself means ” withdraw ”or pay with a compatible payment card.

ATM, “we will no longer be able to withdraw”: here is the crazy news

But everything changes, especially in a context as devoted to technological progress as the current one. The need to rely less and less on cash, especially for the most conspicuous transactions, have made electronic transactions practically indispensable, therefore the ATM has also become increasingly widespread as a circuit, alternatively to that consisting of Visa and Mastercard, among the most common also in our country. It is the withdrawal that represents an action that in the near future will be less and less frequent also because many banks have already taken steps to reduce the number of proprietary ATMs, which in all cases do not involve withdrawal costs. Banks such as BPM have announced the prompt disposal of all ATMs throughout the country over the next few years, while the credit institution that is part of the ING group already starting from 2021 has proceeded to dispose of all forms of branches and ATM terminals since National territory.

This entails greater difficulty in finding ATMs, even if in all cases the “basic” operations, such as withdrawals, are still possible through the ATMs of other banks. There remains the “knot” of the commissions, which could significantly increase in the near future.

By the end of the year, the Antitrust Authority will decide on these commissions, now determined by some limits. But in the near future these could be “decided” by the individual banks as required, among other things, by Bancomat SpA.


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