Attack on the Polish border. “Europe is not dead yet” – Danish “Jyllands-Posten” on how the Polish government defends the EU

“We can, like the Polish government, choose physical and military border protection, instead of turning a blind eye to something we don’t like, as in 2015. It requires only a few thousand soldiers, a fence and rifles, “writes the well-known political commentator and historian Mikael Jalving on the website of the most-read Danish daily Jyllands-Posten. In his article entitled “Europe has not died yet” he refers to the history of Poland.

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Jalving recalls that it remains over two-thirds in Europe migrantswhose asylum applications have been rejected. It’s over 100,000 – unwanted, as he emphasizes – people every year.

“No government can, won’t, or dare expel them,” he points out. He was one of those people Emad Al Swealmeen, the perpetrator of the recent the failed attempt on a hospital in Liverpool. Failed because the taxi driver who was driving him noticed the danger.

In the context of Al Swealmeen, the journalist draws attention to the help they provide to such people religious organizations. When his asylum application was rejected in 2014, he was baptized into the Church of England, which strengthened his hope for asylum in the future.

According to British media Anglican Church actively cooperates with people seeking asylum not only in the field of prayer, but also legal assistance and political contacts, while people smugglers advise migrants to become associated with the Church. “So we can add a new dimension to the immigrant political, cultural and business lobby: the church one. Bishops, parish priests and vicars for asylum ”- he concludes.

According to the commentator, this state of affairs makes the question of preventing unwanted immigration seem a difficult task. And it is difficult, he confirms, but not impossible. Where to start, show “quite clearly” the events on Polish-Belarusian border.

“We can like Polish government choose physical and military border protection, instead of turning a blind eye to something we don’t like, as in 2015. It only requires a few thousand soldiers, a fence and rifles, ”he explains.

Citing the opinion of another journalist, Mikkel Anderson, Jalvink notes that by frustrating Belarusian attempts to use migrants as a political weapon, she has shown that the influx of migrants is not an “unstoppable force of nature”.

“We are not doomed, like Roman Empirewhen the Vandals came from the north. ” Similarly, he adds, like Poland, which disappeared from the map of Europe for over a hundred years before 1918: “Poland is not yet lost” – reminds the author, quoting the words of our anthem.

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Another portal author, Morten Uhrskov Jensen, sharply criticizes the “incompetence and general paralysis” demonstrated by the EU at a time when a Member State, Poland, is defending its borders. “Poland did not receive any support in financing border fortifications,” notes the journalist.

He estimates that when “the world around the EU is undergoing tremendous changes”, the community itself, mired in reality as if it did not understand it, “believing that we are still alive in the 90s, just after the Wall fell and The Soviet Union“.

“Poland has made the only right decision: defending the borders against foreign colonization,” although, as the author estimates, the problem itself does not concern itself, because “the overwhelming majority of illegal intruders want to reach countries such as Germany or Sweden, just like in 2015 / 16 “.

Jensen also refers to “the history of defending the continent against an external enemy more beautiful than almost all other European nations” from the Mongol invasion in the 13th century to the defense against the “bloodthirsty Red Army, which in 1920 tried to flood the West with the killer ideology of communism; an ideology to which the local Red-Greens (left-wing coalition in Denmark – ed.) still pay tribute ”.

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“We in the West must learn to think like Poles, Hungarians and other nations as soon as possible Central and Eastern Europeso that we can do what is necessary, and thus abandon the absurd belief in the unity of humanity with the same aspirations and existential hopes ”.

“When will the political elite of Western Europe understand that their dreams of one humanity are dangerous fantasies that must hurt their own peoples? How much more do they want to take on their conscience? ” – the journalist asks “Jyllands-Posten“.

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