August Alsina and “Entanglements”. It was with him that Jada Pinkett-Smith cheated on her husband Will Smith

The very title of the single, which can be translated as “confusion”, relates directly to the betrayal Jady Pinkett-Smith. It was the term “confusion” that the wife used Will Smith (Look!) by admitting treason in an episode of “Red Table Talk”. Before the acting couple told about everything in it, August Alsina He maintained that Smith had given him permission to have an affair with his wife. Jada and Will categorically denied this.

“Confusion definition definition – we deal with it when we’re tangled up in the sheets. Girl, I know we won’t call it a relationship, but we still fuck with me,” Alsina raps in the song “Entanglements” (check the text!), which he performs with Rick Ross. There were also references to an unknown man. Most likely, it is 51-year-old Will Smith.

The episode of “Red Table Talk” with the Smiths in the lead role echoed widely on the web. During the first 24 hours after its broadcast, it was watched by over 15 million viewers. As you can easily guess, Alsina’s single is also becoming more and more popular. Almost two and a half million people have listened to it on YouTube.


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