Austin Butler: 5 (+1) things you may not know about him

But… why stop at the surface when we can dig and learn some lesser known details about him ?!

Here you are so 5 (+1) fun facts about Austin that you may not know:


Apparently, that dream career story born by chance doesn’t just happen in movies. It seems indeed that it wasn’t Austin Butler who chased his acting career but stumbled upon it by chance at age 13 when a representative of new talent in the acting field spotted him at the Orange County fair.

From there, Austin began taking acting lessons and then collecting a series of television appearances as a teenager: Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, Hannah Montana, iCarly And Zoey 101.

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Austin Butler really sings as Elvis. It is the first time that he has played a musical star of this caliber but it is not the first time that he has held the role of a musician in his career, he therefore got to train his vocal cords for the big occasion! We recall, for example, the apparitions in iCarly in 2007 and in Are You There, Chelsea in 2012.

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