Australia. The government is easing restrictions on crossing the border

The borders will be opened, incl. for international students, skilled workers and business visa holders. Morrison added that this would also apply to South Korean and Japanese vaccinated tourists.

Earlier, Australia had opened its borders for foreign family members of their citizens.

“The return of skilled workers and students to Australia will be an important step towards returning to pre-pandemic times.”

Morrison told reporters.

Reuters points out that foreign students bring the Australian economy around AUSD 35 billion (US $ 25 billion) annually, which is an important item in the income of the education sector. Many Australian universities are dependent on international students and the closure of the borders caused by the pandemic forced them to mass layoffs.

Last month, the government lifted travel restrictions for Australians, which happened at the beginning of the summer holiday season in the southern hemisphere.

Australia closed its borders in May last year in the face of the growing wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Only a limited number of citizens and permanent residents were allowed to come.

According to experts, closing borders, introducing lockdowns quickly and strict regulations on social distancing allowed Australia to keep the numbers of infected and deaths significantly lower than in other comparable countries.

So far, about 200,000 have been registered in Australia. cases and 1,948 deaths, most of them in Victor’s state.

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