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Videogames entered his life in the late '80s, at the time of the first meeting with Super Mario Bros, and even today they make it a permanent part, after almost 30 years. Pros and defects: he manages to finish Super Mario Bros in less than 5 minutes but he has never finished Final Fight with a credit ... he's still trying.

The United States is talking about energy supplies to Europe

Reuters, citing senior officials in the administration of US President Joe Biden, said talks are underway to ensure uninterrupted energy flow to Europe for the remainder of the winter in case Russia invades Ukraine. “We are working on identifying additional amounts of non-Russian natural gas from different parts of the …

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Another COVID death record in the current wave

On Tuesday, the Italian health ministry was informed about 186,000. new cases of coronavirus infections. In addition, 1.4 million tests were performed in the country. 13 percent of them tested positive. The number of the dead has exceeded 144,000. Currently, nearly 2.7 million people are infected with the Sars-CoV-2 virus …

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Ukraine, NATO, European Union, Poland. Head of the National Security Bureau Paweł Soloch: There are no signals from Russia about de-escalation, so the potential threat is high

We are not dealing with any signals from Russia that there is some de-escalation, so the potential threat is really high – said Paweł Soloch, head of the National Security Bureau on Tuesday in the “Guest News” program. He also stressed that in the face of the uncertain situation, it …

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