Eric Wilson

The variety offered by video games never ceases to amaze him. He loves OutRun's drifting as well as the contemplative walks of Dear Esther. Immersing himself in other worlds is an incomparable feeling for him: he understood it by playing for the first time in Shenmue.

The EU initially adopted our mining subsidy plan

On Thursday, after a meeting with representatives of the European Commission in Brussels, the Ministry of State Assets announced that Poland will submit a notification application to the European Commission regarding the transformation of the mining industry as soon as possible hard coal, containing all elements of the aid scheme, …

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Zloty strong and yields high before the MPC meeting

photo: Piotr Sikora / / Shutterstock The main event of next week will be the Wednesday’s MPC meeting, while the expected rate hike by 50 bp will help the zloty to stay at stronger levels, slightly below 4.60 / EUR, told PAP PKO BP’s business strategist Arkadiusz Trzciołek. For the …

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Ladybug, Lidl. Auchan … they are withdrawing the contaminated food. BE CAREFUL! Do you have these things at home? Do not eat this! It’s best to throw it out immediately!

Food Announcement! Popular stores, such as Lidl, Biedronka or Auchan, are withdrawing whole batches of food from shelves and warning customers not to eat. This includes eggs, cheese and cold cuts. The Chief Sanitary Inspectorate made a decision to dispose of these products. Food indicated on the recall list is …

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