Peter Wilson

In love with technology, with an eye towards smartphones, he does not disdain any activity linked to the Nerd world. TV series, movies, manga, anime, and comics (Marvel addicted) are the order of the day.

And yet! Amantadine has the potential to treat COVID-19

Scientists published a publication on on Thursday suggesting that amantadine should be considered as a treatment for coronavirus Twelve scientists, including from Greece and Germany, prepared the research and work. In the article they write, inter alia: The urgent need to treat COVID-19 has inspired strategies to reuse approved …

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Jan Pospieszalski is sick with COVID-19. “It got me too”

Jan Pospieszalski was the host of the “It’s Worth Talking” program on TVP. A few months ago, the television reported that the broadcast was disappearing from the air. – Janek Pospieszalski ruled out himself, fueling the anti-vaccine hysteria and attacking the government’s fight against the pandemic – said Jacek Kurski, …

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