Peter Wilson

In love with technology, with an eye towards smartphones, he does not disdain any activity linked to the Nerd world. TV series, movies, manga, anime, and comics (Marvel addicted) are the order of the day.

Death is written in the eyes. A new study will help find it

A study published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology found that the difference between a person’s biological age and their real (chronological) age is related to their risk of dying. This is called age difference of the retinathat can be used as a screening tool. Retinal microcirculation can be a …

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Scientists are sure. The eyes can be dangerous

A quick and painless examination of the human eyeball may one day help doctors identify symptoms that indicate a person is at risk of premature death, according to the latest scientific research. According to experts, the retina of the eye can provide us with information about the actual biological age …

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Healed by respiratory invalids? Watch out for serious complications

Deputy head of the Department of Pneumonology, Oncology and Allergology, SPSK4 in Lublin, dr hab. Robert Kieszko, MD, Ph.D. emphasized that the most common symptoms in the severe course of COVID-19 are pneumonia and pulmonary embolism. This pneumonia is interstitial in nature, during which inflammatory cell infiltrates form in the …

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