Auto Insurance, with these tips you can save on cost: follow them and you will spend less

Vehicle insurance is one of those mandatory expenses if you own at least one car, but there are some ways to save.

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In addition to the traditional household bills, theCar Insurance it is one of the expenses from which we cannot in any way avoid paying if we want to travel in complete tranquility on board our vehicle.

Almost all Italian families now have at least one, or even two or three, depending on the needs and the number of family members. Therefore, it may always be useful to know some method that allows us to save money. According to Sicurato.itBy following these tips, you can save up to 50% on the overall price of the Auto policy.

How to save on Auto Insurance

There were already many, but in recent years we have seen a clear proliferation of insurance companies also thanks to the new possibilities offered by the web.

We refer, in particular, to all those companies that offer their insurance service exclusively online.

As reported Sicurauto.ithaving no running costs for a physical location, these companies can offer very advantageous prices for customers, even more than traditional ones.

Another solution that could save you onInsurance is then that of change company more or less frequently.

In fact, prices can vary every year. Of course, for those who always rely on the same company it is difficult for the amount to change a lot, and it is instead likely that they will spend the same amount for many years, but for new customers the offers they can be very affordable.

Car Insurance
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Therefore, with each change of company, the savings it can be not indifferent. In this regard, a particularly useful suggestion may be to consult sites where it is possible compare the various offers available.

In this way, you will have a general overview of the prices proposed by the various companies, so you can choose the cheaper solution.

In the choice phase, however, you could obtain further advantages in terms of spending by selecting the i services that interest you the most, such as the wrecker in case of breakdown while you are traveling or the GPS to track the car in case of theft.

Furthermore, it is possible that the company offers you one or more of these same services in the package without having selected it deliberately. If you don’t care, then you can check if they can be canceled. Take out a policy without pluses that you consider useless, in some cases, it will allow you to save a considerable amount.

Then there will be the need to select the frequency and the payment method. If you choose to pay the policy on an annual basis, you will notice that, almost always, the total price to pay will be lower than if you decide for the half-yearly option.

Additionally, some companies provide additional benefits if you choose to pay with credit or debit card instead of cash at office counters.

Family Liability

Finally, it is worth remembering that when you buy a new vehicle, perhaps for a child or a wife, or another member of the family unit, it is possible to enforce the so-called Bersani Law (or Family RC), which provides forinheritance of the merit class.

Car Insurance
Car Insurance: how to save (Ansa Photo)

In essence, it establishes that it is possible to transfer the class of merit from an already insured vehicle, and therefore more advantageous, to a new one, without necessarily having to pass from the last class which involves very onerous costs. However, to enforce it, you have to pay close attention to two requirements.

First, this law only applies if the vehicle to be insured has a lower merit class than the one already insured. Second, the two vehicles must belong to the same category and, therefore, Car with Car and Motorbike with Motorbike and so on.

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