Avaline, the vegan wine that transformed Cameron Diaz into a wine influencer

Cameron Diaz’s Instagram profile is now a gigantic commercial for Avaline, her “clean and transparent” wine that aims to set a new standard in the wine world. But something is not convincing.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Cameron Diaz now she is a full-time wine influencer, self-promoting, one post after another, her branded vegan wine Avalin. Domestic cooking shows, sketches at the supermarket, in the park, at snack time, at breakfast and even in Jimmy Fallon’s TV lounge populate the profile Instagram by Cameron Diaz that morphed into one giant commercial of Avaline hammering with pandoro commercial frequency at Christmas.

With his “healthy” wine, Cameron Diaz rides the wave of celebrity wines

Red, white, rosé, or in the cocktail version with fresh fruit for an aperitif based on healthy wine, but also sparkling, ready to be sabered in the garden. The Avaline brand has completely monopolized the social showcase of the “There’s Something About Mary” actress who tries to offer it to us in all ways.

Nothing new, all things considered. We are used to it by now Hollywood stars who, having abandoned acrobatic yoga, have dedicated themselves to wine production ready to amaze their fans, and not only, who queue up to grab a bottle of “vino di”, as a promise of a unique product.

A bottle of Avaline

A bottle of Avaline

From Robbie Williams to George Lucas: the Hollywood vignerons

And the “wines of” are many. Just to name one, the news of the newborn brand dates back to a short time ago “Rude Rise” marking the official entrance of Robbie Williams in the world of oenology (we missed him too). Not to mention the Miraval’s Angelina Jolie and Brad Pittwho at the end of their relationship fought for the Arabian Nights estate in Provence.

Among the former neighbors of the Brangelina there is also the director of “Star Wars” George Lucas, owner of the Château Margüi estate, now a veteran among Hollywood vignerons with his Skywalker Vineyards brand. To the list of “celebrity wines” we could also add a few bottles of “Snoop Cali Red”, by Snoop Dog, and Prosecco “Della Vite” by the English model Cara Delevingnebut also of rosé bubbles branded Kylie Minogue and finally, the Sun Goddess by Mary J. Blige.

However, none of the aforementioned VIPs has ever set up a social marketing campaign as powerful as that of Cameron Diaz for Avaline. The brand was born in 2020 from collaboration between the actress and the entrepreneur Catherine Power (also known for the fashion brand Who What Wear) as a synonym for a “clean, vegan” wine and free from additives”.

Cameron Diaz Avaline

Cameron Diaz and partner Katherine Power

New standard or a flawless marketing campaign?

The cost of bottles of Avaline does not exceed $30a sufficient price to take home a wine made from “100% organic grapes, free from dyes and chemical additives”: essentially a “transparent” wine, which has the ambition to revolutionize the market. According to Avaline’s official website, “producers are not obliged to tell you how they cultivate their grapes, or even to mention the over 70 additives that can be found in a common bottle of wine. We have chosen to tell you everything, because your well-being matters”. In short, a sort of “because I’m worth it”, but instead of shampoo you end up with Cameron Diaz’s wine produced between France and Spain.

On sale on the site for single bottles, special limited edition packages are favored such as the “Holiday Collection”, the “Cameron set”, the “Intro set” – initiation to the Avaline world – and then the most delicious of all: the set Of 12 cans of rosé “with notes of melon and lemon peel” with a hyper patinated look.

Pay attention to the term “clean”

The term “clean”, clean, as Aveline promises to be, is very captivating from a marketing point of view, pity the implicit concept that other wines are “dirty”. The definition leaves the time it finds, especially if we are talking about a conventional winewhich does not tout court fall into the category of natural wines.

If it is therefore true that the actress and her partner still have a long way to go to define “a new standard in the world of wine”, as the site advertises, for the rest, nothing is missing. L’marketing operation is perfect, the celeb is there, and also the social campaign is booming. For advice on dishes to pair with your bottle of Avaline, we refer directly to the profile of Cameron Diaz, who as a phonetics teacher will also explain how to correctly pronounce the brand of her wine. “It’s /ah-vah-leene/ bitches!”

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