Avatar: new theatrical release awaiting Avatar 2

“If you’re under 22 or 23, it’s very, very unlikely you’ve seen Avatar in a cinema. Which, in a way, means you’ve never seen the film. ‘ It leaves no room for mediation James Cameron. Who strongly wanted to see his masterpiece on the big screen again, 13 years after its first release. The reason is obvious: you need to arrive properly prepared for the sequel, Avatar: The way of water, coming December 14th. Just for Christmas.

avatar (2009) film by james Cameron

James Cameron’s blockbuster film Avatar (2009) is back in theaters, which is why the director wanted the film to return to theaters at all costs. All the fault of the sequel that we will see at Christmas …

Avatar back to the cinema

“There are a lot of people out there, a whole new generation of cinema fans growing up. And even if they have seen Avatar streaming or blue ray, they haven’t seen the film the way we intended it yet. ” For this reason, from 22 September the film signed by James Cameron and with Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Michelle Rodriguez And Sigourney Weaverreturns to theaters around the world.

The plot of Avatar

The images of the new adventure on Pandora are incredible. Look at them in the gallery above. But first of all, it is good to review. It was 2009 when a strange movie arrived in theaters. Set on the imaginary world of Pandora. Which humans can only access through Avatars. Which contain the mind and consciousness of the humans for which they were specially created in the laboratory.

But where there are humans there is a thirst for power and money. Inevitable, therefore, the clash with the Na’vi, the humanoid species that inhabits the planet, and the human military. But which side will the scientists who have forged a relationship with these new friends stand on?

Avatar the way of water (2022)

James Cameron and Sam Worthington on the set of Avatar: The Way to Water. Photo 20th Century Studios

A global success

Avatar shocked the world of cinema when it first came out. In addition to the almost 3 billion box office grosses and 9 Oscar nominations (three statuettes won), it was the unprecedented technology for the time that was amazing. Yet for James Cameron it is the universality of the story told that is the secret of success.

«It doesn’t matter which culture you belong to. Whether you come from China, Japan, Europe or North America, ”explains the director. “People have perceived the universality of their lives and these characters through the lens of science fiction. And then I think it was the material execution of the film: people just stopped trying to figure out how it was developed. Because we have mixed so many techniques that it took years to create it ».

Avatar 2: the trailer for

Avatar: The Way of the Water is the long-awaited sequel

At Christmas comes the highly anticipated sequel Avatar: The way of water. The second film set in Pandora. But James Cameron is already working on the other three films in the saga at the same time. Where we will see all the much loved characters of the first. Plus some new faces. Because if Sam Worthington will still be Jake, Zoe Saldana the sweet and powerful Neytiri and Sigourney Weaver the doctor Grace Augustine, among the newcomers we find Giovanni Ribisi And Kate Winslet.


Set more than ten years after the events of the first film, Avatar: The Way of the Water begins to tell the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri and their children). Of the danger that follows them. Where they are willing to go to to keep each other safe. Of the battles they fight to stay alive and the tragedies they face.


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