Avatar returns to the cinema for a weekend of nostalgia

Who has not seen Avatar on the big screen in 2009 it is as if he had never really seen it. This is the opinion of director James Cameron who has decided to organize a new theatrical release (the so-called re-release) starting from 22 September. And not just to refresh the public’s memory (and flesh out a box office already record-breaking with over 2.8 billion dollars grossed in the world, the highest in the history of the seventh art). Waiting for the second cinematic chapter, Avatar: The way of water (December 14th), you return to Pandora to relive that primordial amazement that caught everyone in front of that fantastic world. Not just a blockbuster, but a jewel of excellent workmanship that has also won three technical Oscars (special effects, scenography and photography).

Looking at a thirteen-year-old story with modern eyes puts everything in perspective and reaffirms it the nonconformity of the filmmaker who has always cared about company policies. To those who tried to make him cut some scenes he reminded that it is thanks to his own Titanic that the production has luxurious offices and respectable budgets.

James Cameron defends his creatures with the protective instinct of a mother hen and does not retreat an inch. Of course, the generational change gives life to a totally different sense of expectation from that of a decade ago, but the challenge is to keep looking to the future. On the other hand, this is what we talk about in Pandora’s fantasy dystopia. The idea that one day various species can be merged to create more advanced hybrids controlled by humans still has something fascinating about it. The all-star cast includes the protagonist, Sam Worthington (launched from the blockbuster and a bit of a meteor these days, but luck could change after the sequel) who plays the military Jake Sully, Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine, Michelle Rodriguez, increasingly reckless in the uniform of helicopter pilot Trudy Chacon and obviously Zoe Saldana, an ethereal Na’vi creature named Neytiri.

The poetry and the brazen beauty of the nature of the rainforest of this pristine planet (with the shades of blue that are so much coming back into fashion) have taken the public elsewhere and they plan to repeat that experience so full of amazement. While waiting to find out if this is one of the biggest flops on the big screen or not, you can hold onto your memories and lull yourself into thenostalgia-effect in reviewing Avatar at Cinema. You always have time to change your mind, one way or the other.

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