Avengers: Endgame, Joe Russo Played Thanos in the Scenes with Nebula

Thanos’s stage presence was made possible thanks to Josh Brolin’s motion-capture performance, but the star of None isn’t a country for old was not the only one to take on the role of the Titan during filming.

In fact, at the Comic-Con in Paris, Nebula’s interpreter Karen Gillan revealed that she had shot her dialogue scenes with Thanos along with Joe Russo, who directed the film with her brother Anthony.

“I’ll tell you a funny story about Joe Russo. While we were filming Endgame, we couldn’t have Josh Brolin for my scenes with Thanos, so Joe played it.” said the actress (via Comicbook). “It was fun to shoot the scene, starring with one of the film’s directors, and he only wore his clothes with a large Thanos hardcover set at the top so I looked at the right height. I thought it was surreal.”

In the film, Gillan also had to deal with herself, as Nebula also had to deal with her past version: “I liked it a lot because the old Nebula was the beginning of the character in the Guardians of the Galaxy. It was really cruel and evil, and then I could integrate with the new Nebula, which is a scene showed all the evolution of the character, and I really liked it. “

With the Infinity Saga concluded, the MCU is ready to return with Phase 4 from next May with the release of Black Widow. But rest assured, Bob Iger has ensured that the Avengers will return.

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