Back to the Future: Ben Stiller’s retro audition as Marty McFly will leave you speechless

July 3, 1985 back to the future It was released in over 1,200 theaters in the United States. Directed by and starring Robert Zemeckis Michael J. Fox And Christopher LloydThe tape, the original script of which was previously rejected by Hollywood studios, quickly became an all-time favorite And a reference in the context of time travel stories.

in America, back to the futureThe film’s original title grossed US$210,609,762 and US$381,109,762 worldwide, and Was Therefore, highest grossing film of 1985,

After the success, two sequels would follow, back to the future 2 And back to the future 3released in 1989 and 1990 respectively.

Thirty-six years after the premiere of the first film in the saga, curiosities, mysteries and news about it are always welcome, because back to the future This is one of those old movies that can be watched again and again.,

Scene from Back to the Future (Photo: Video Capture)

,we will not reboot back to the future While I can comment Like at: We will never touch them. I love to see them. To me it is despicable. Especially when it is a good film. It’s like saying ‘we’re going to remake this citizen Kane, Who is going to play Kane? What nonsense, what madness?”, declared Robert Zemeckis on more than one occasion when asked About the possibility of a reboot of the film,

how to explain it back to the future will live on as one of the most iconic science fiction films of all time in popular culture. As a tribute, we celebrate the saga 10 curiosities that every fan of the tape should know yes or no,

As we state in this note, Eric Stoltz He was the original actor of the saga. He even recorded most of the scenes but the serious tone he was giving to the character convinced Universal to fire him. Rent Michael J. Fox Instead,

Although Stoltz was the first Marty McFly to shoot, he was not the only actor to put himself in the shoes of the popular teen. Before him, actors like Ben StillerBilly Zane John Cusack, Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer were part of a casting to try out for the role.

Eric Stoltz plays Marty McFly in “Back to the Future 1”

Shared by Entertainment Tonight via their social networks in October 2020Ben Stiller auditions for Marty McFly after the film’s 35th anniversary,

“Lorraine, lately I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t know anything about my parents,” is a teenage Stiller’s answer in the above test that you can watch below.

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Ben Stiller auditioned for Back to the Future

In early 2020, Jon Cryer (two and half Men) revealed when he auditioned for the role of Marty McFly that the original script for the film was very different from what was eventually made into a film.

Thus, for example, he said:The final sequence did not involve the Clock Tower or Lightning, but instead finds Marty sneaking into an atomic bomb test site. He needs to make it work in order to get closer to nuclear fission with his time machine. In a terrible scene … ”.

Michael J. Fox, the official Marty McFly, in a scene from Back to the Future (Photo: Universal Studios)

“The time machine was not the DeLorean (…),” Cryer said. “It was a machine that required nuclear fission and a secret ingredient in Coca-Cola (…) In the end, Marty goes to a nuclear test site to find the nuclear fission machine it needs to function. (…) When he goes to pour the Coca-Cola, he spills it and he panics. He finds one in the fridge and then he panics again because he has to survive a nuclear explosion (…) He goes to the fridge, closes the door, the bomb goes off and so does the machine. Sends back the future”.

Bob Gale, producer of back to the futureWrote the script for the film, inspired by one of his father’s high school yearbooks, When he found it, he wondered what it would be like if he could travel back to his parents’ student days.

When Gale already had the script in good shape, she finished writing it with Robert Zemeckis, the film’s future director. Excited by what he had on hand, he pitched the idea to various studios, but He was rejected up to 40 times,

Bob Gale, Christopher Lloyd, Robert Zemeckis and Michael J. Fox on the set of Back to the Future 2

Excuses argued that the film was “not daring and raucous enough” as were other teen films of the time, or conversely, that “it would be bad to see a mother fall in love with her own child.”

There were several candidates for the role of Marty McFly. And over time we discovered the identity of many of them. To the list of lines above, we need to add Shravan Johnny Depp, The actor, in his twenties at the time, joined the cast of the film but it seems he didn’t do too well, as Bob Gale didn’t even remember him.

In 2010, in connection with the launch of Back to the Future: The 25th Anniversary TrilogyBob Gale told premium hollywood: “I reviewed the notes and said ‘Wow, I don’t even remember we read Johnny Depp! So whatever he did, I guess it wasn’t memorable!”

Johnny Depp was one of many candidates who applied for the role of Marty McFly.

in the same interview with premium hollywood, Gayle talks about Eric Stoltz’s exposed photos and videos on the bonus track of the Blu-ray edition of the tape, marking its 25th anniversary.

“It was Laurent Bouzereau who directed and produced the documentaries, and he pestered us to insert (Stoltz’s) footage,” he said. “So if you happen to see it, that’s the guy to credit and thank.”

“Look, we have no grudge against Eric”The storm continued. “We don’t want to make him look bad. We don’t think it makes you look bad. We believe it doesn’t. We thought ‘let’s just paddle slowly and not put too much into it’, because, you know The story is about how the film got made, not him. Maybe in the 35th or 45th anniversary issue, we’ll have the original scenes., We never destroyed that footage. We learned at the time that it had historical significance, so the footage exists. But Eric is a working actor. We don’t want you to have to answer questions about it… unless you walk up and say ‘Hey, I wanted to talk about that!’ Screenwriter added.

Originally, the Time Machine was a laser device., Later, It was replaced by a normal household refrigerator that ran on nuclear power But the idea was ultimately discarded, as it would have been a serious threat to children of the time, who would surely go en masse to hijack their refrigerators.

In an exclusive interview with Portal syfy In October 2020, Bob Gale talked about this process of turning the refrigerator into a classic DeLorean.

“In the first two drafts of the script, The Time Machine Was Actually a Time Chamber Made Out of an Old Refrigerator Co-writers and producers say that Doc Brown had to be dragged behind a pickup truck. “When we finally went for pre-production of the film, the director bob zemeckis I started thinking about how I was going to shoot some of these scenes, and He came up with the bright idea that it would make more sense for Doctor Brown to build a time machine in the car.,

Michael Fox in Back to the Future 2

in the first film of back to the futureActress Claudia Wells played the role of JenniferMarty McFly’s girlfriend. However, in the remaining two sequels, it was replaced by Elizabeth Shuepopular for then Karate Kid Since 1984.

Welles was unable to continue playing Jennifer as her mother was diagnosed with cancer at the time.

Claudia Wells and Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future 1 (Photo: Video Capture)

Jennifer is the girlfriend of Marty McFly, played by Claudia Wells. At the end of the film it is established that there will be a second part as well. However, the role of Jennifer was later taken over by Elisabeth Shue, who was famous for being from Ali Karate Kid Since 1984.

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In the first Back to the Future film, actress Claudia Wells played Jennifer.

Claudia Wells had to step down from her role after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. As compensation, the actress played Jennifer again in 2011, lending her voice to the video game that inspired back to the future,

kyra sedgwickGolden Globe winner and wife of Kevin Bacon since 1988, Jennifer auditioned for the role of McFly’s girlfriend, but lost to Claudia Wells.,

In 2020, to mark the franchise’s 35th anniversary, Universal released Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy, which includes Sedgwick’s audition.

Kyra Sedgwick auditions for Jennifer, Marty McFly’s girlfriend (Photo: Video Capture)

In 2010, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of back to the future, The makers of the tape released in the BluRay version released a video of the saga’s falsification.,

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outtake from back to the future

last scene of back to the future Shows us a giant “to be continued”. However, when the first film was shot, it was made without thinking about a sequel. This strategy was nothing more than a joke by Zemeckis and Gale, Once the film was released and seeing the success it had, Universal did not hesitate to ask for a second and third part.

Back to the Future’s Final Plate (Video Capture)

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