Bad Boys and Fortnite. Will Smith comes into play as Mike Lowrey

Bad Boys joins forces with Fortnite. Will Smith, Mike Lowrey, the main character of a series of films about policemen using new methods, will appear in the popular game. This is the result of the third part of the film produced last year.

Bad Boys is a series of films that are associated with today’s thirty-year-olds rather than with young people, who are the most numerous group when it comes to Fortnite. Nevertheless, Mike Lowrey, the main character of the series played by Will Smith, which dates back to the 1990s, was introduced to the game.

An outfit called Mike Lowrey is now available in the Item Store. The packet includes a backpack Detective’s Bag. The outfit is completed with Mike’s double pickaxe, Scabbards of the Shotman.

Unfortunately, Marcus Brunnet, the film partner of Mike Lowrey, played by Martin Lawrence, did not hit the game. However, it is possible that this will not change in the future. The universe Fortnite is growing at a very good pace, it is possible that both Bad Boys will soon appear in the production of Epic Games.

Mike Lowrey in Fortnite – description in the store

In the in-game store, the new skin is described as: “Tough detective ready for anything. When the streets get rough, you’d like to have Mike behind your back. Check out Mike Lowrey in the store.”

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